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  • iPhone's Lightning port removal could improve water resistance

    I will take usability, functionality, and flexibility over waterproofing anytime. Period.
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  • Mac shipments grow slightly, but Apple's PC market share shrinks [u]

    I am a decades long staunch customer who was passionate for (nearly) everything Apple for decades. Today, I'm not even remotely satisfied with Apple. It has lost its mojo and is nothing but yet another boring behemoth corporation. I guess nobody polled me or my friends. We're all pretty disgusted with the trajectory Apple is on today.
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro release, MacBook Air updates predicted for September

    No doubt the new MacBook Pro will be thin to the point of a fault, difficult to repair, not upgradeable or expandable. Oh, and quite expensive. And it will sport the new failed keyboard that is awful to type on to begin with. (That's a matter of one's preference though.) Those are my predictions. I'll pass. On yet another MBP. Just like on the Mac Pro. Apple doesn't make computers for me any longer. Sigh.
  • High-end 2019 Apple iPhone lineup may shift to 'Pro' branding

    Pro means nothing any longer with Apple products. Well, not entirely; it generally means Apple is charging a higher Apple tax on that product so the customer can earn the privilege of buying one.
  • Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

    Apple rubs me wrong in all the wrong ways today. There's a fair chance I will switch to Android when my iPhone finally dies. I just don't see that much difference in that market. I would like to do the same for the Mac too and jump to another OS but I don't find the other platforms as compelling even after decades of improvement. I just don't care for Apple 3.0; it has become just your a typical corporation with a primary focus on creating greater shareholder returns rather than delivering outstanding value to its customers. Meh.
  • Editorial: No, the new 2019 Mac Pro isn't a fairy tale come true

    I'm sorry, but I cannot justify the iMac as a prosumer Mac. I want my Mac to be readily repairable, upgradable and expandable. You know, like they were under Steve Jobs. I don't mind paying a small premium for that as long as the build quality is there, but double retail? Uh, no.
  • Apple earned 66% of the entire smartphone market's profits in 2019

    Apple has single-handily proven how lucrative it is to gouge your customers. Suckers. I say that not because Apple customers pay too much for products and services, but rather they demand so little from Apple in turn. Gone is the day when Apple gave its customers the best user experience possible for a modest premium. Instead, it delivers a hobbled user experience at obscene premiums. Hey, but at least shareholders are happy. Just for the record, I'm still a sucker too. But I rue every Apple product purchase and buy the cheapest offering since it makes nothing I want. I simply replace failed products, treading water, hoping Apple will return to its model of excellence when Cook steps down.