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  • A lament for the Touch Bar

    It was fantastic for sorting through and typing emojis on the Mac but I never found much use for it otherwise. 
  • Hands on with Apple's new Pro Macs -- Mac Pro & Mac Studio with M2 Ultra

    darkvader said:
    Less RAM, no real graphics card, and Apple making wild performance claims without any actual benchmarks.

    I'm unconvinced.  I want to see real benchmarks vs current AMD and Intel processors, and current high end Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.  I want to see that because I strongly suspect Apple is just doing a bit of puffery.
    Geekbench 6 (My own):

    MacBook Air (2022)Apple M2 3489 MHz (8 cores)
    single core: 2587
    multi core (8 cores): 9631

    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B660I AORUS PRO DDR4Intel Core i5-13600K 3500 MHz
    single core: 2544
    multi core (14 cores): 13362

    Apple doesn’t tend to exaggerate with their performance claims knowing full well that everyone will verify it eventually.
  • Compared: M2 MacBook Air versus Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

    The thing I never see mentioned in reviews is how little power Apple Silicon uses while in standby. I’ve been using Mac laptops for twenty years and now, after having my M2 Air for month or two, I can say that it’s absolutely game-changing. Even after several days left on standby (which is routine for me), the battery might have only declined by one or two percent; it really transforms the way I think about using my laptop. I tend to use it in spurts with several days between, and I never have to wonder anymore whether the battery will be dead or almost dead when I open it. I suspect that this has something to do with the low-power RAM but whatever it is, it’s fantastic. 
  • Customer trapped in Apple & FedEx blame game over lost Apple Watch

    This happened to me recently with the charging case for a set of Powerbeats Pro, except that everything went smoothly. FedEx lost my AppleCare return, and after waiting a few weeks for the delivery to complete, I eventually called Apple to see what I should do. After some explaining and a week or two of waiting, Apple refunded my $99 security deposit with little fuss. I had all the tracking info, of course, and was able to prove where and when I left the return with FedEx. 

    It seems that this is happening often enough that their reps are catching on to the proper way to handle this. 
  • New iPhone 13 mini announced with A15, better cameras & smaller notch

    I’ve had the 12 mini for nearly a year now and I can honestly say that I love it. If you’ve been considering it, go for it.