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  • Compared: M2 MacBook Air versus Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

    The thing I never see mentioned in reviews is how little power Apple Silicon uses while in standby. I’ve been using Mac laptops for twenty years and now, after having my M2 Air for month or two, I can say that it’s absolutely game-changing. Even after several days left on standby (which is routine for me), the battery might have only declined by one or two percent; it really transforms the way I think about using my laptop. I tend to use it in spurts with several days between, and I never have to wonder anymore whether the battery will be dead or almost dead when I open it. I suspect that this has something to do with the low-power RAM but whatever it is, it’s fantastic. 
  • Apple's new iPad mini 6 might have a scrolling glitch

    Oh man that would drive me nuts lol. 
  • Apple offering CBS, Showtime as a $9.99 Apple TV+ add-on bundle

    I admit, this is completely out of my wheelhouse even as an investor. I can't imagine why people pay for all these different services. In our family, there's too much of a content glut... I ripped all of our old DVDs for the kids and 100's of blurays. The last issue is quantity. How do people have the time to watch so much tv?
    Often times it’s just for one show. I want to watch the new Star Trek shows and CBSAA is the only way to do that in the US. That, combined with the fact that I can use apple’s native app rather than CBS’s app (which is TERRIBLE), is of value to me. 
  • Apple offering CBS, Showtime as a $9.99 Apple TV+ add-on bundle

    civa said:
    I'd love to know how to get it. I have searched all over the app, and cannot find the ability to get this bundle. 
    Click this thing. 
  • Apple to launch Apple TV+ bundle with CBS All Access, Showtime for $9.99

    bluefire1 said:
    Beats said:
    Nice. How popular are those services though?
    CBS All Access has hit homeruns with their Star Trek shows. Discovery and Picard are both great and there's a 3rd on the way. 
    The upcoming 3rd Star Trek series “Strange New Worlds” will go back to its earliest roots with Captain Pike (James T. Kirk succeeded Pike as Captain).
    There are six Trek shows currently airing or in development, collectively named Star Trek Universe:

    Lower Decks
    Strange New Worlds
    untitled Section 31-themed show

    CBS isn’t screwing around and they seem determined to make Trek into something resembling the Marvel cinematic universe. Their iOS app is GARBAGE, however, so it’d be super if they could just bum off the tech stuff to Apple and the TV app.