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  • House Judiciary says Apple enjoys monopoly power with App Store

    |Apple's gaming service, Apple Arcade, is a type of app that was 'consistently disallowed from the store," when offered by third-party developers

    yeah and Netflix is a type of movie, Spotify a type of song...

  • iPhone camera and iOS 14 at crux of Facebook & Instagram spying lawsuit

    Isn't this the kind of thing that Apple is checking for during the review process?
  • Apple shuts down Epic Games developer account

    I wonder what Epic is thinking...
    I get they are frustrated with the 30% “Apple Tax” but their actions make no sense.
    The way I understand it, Epic's endgame is to demolish the walls of the garden, so they can launch their own App Store. It's not really about the 30%.
  • Epic Games CEO says Apple suit is about 'basic freedoms,' calls Apple a middleman

    "we're fighting for the freedom of people ... to install apps from sources of their choosing" says the guy who locked some of the most anticipated titles as Epic Store Exclusives. It's not about money, it's about freedom. And let me guess, if his end game plays out, we won't have any Epic iOS App Store Exclusives. No way, this guys is all about freedom! It's not like he's holding all mobile Fartnight players as virtual hostages atm, so he can push his own... ugh... freedom... agenda. They are all free... to play something else.

    As an iOS user I'm perfectly happy to be getting my apps from one single place, knowing that they wen't trough some screening.
    I wish this was the case on macOS too.
    As far as (Windows) games go, I do hate having 15 launchers/stores. I wish all my games would be in Steam (as it's the most feature rich).

    So if this guys is fighting for my freedom, he's on the wrong side of the battle.
  • Epic sues Apple after Fortnite removed from App Store

    What I gather from all this, is that Epic intentionally screwed it's mobile player base in order to rise their voices against Apple coz you know, in 2020 Twitter Cancel Culture it what makes the world go around. They know their lawsuit will not fly, at least not anytime soon, but hey, shitting on Apple's name might. And you know I'm sure If I'm a game developer and want to use the EpicStore, but don't like their 18% (or whatever it is) they'll be very open to let me collect money anyway I want while still using their platform.