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  • SanDisk debuts new USB-C Extreme & Extreme Pro SSDs with twice the performance

    Looking forward to any price drops on version 1!
  • Epic sues Apple after Fortnite removed from App Store

    If I had my own grocery store, wouldn't I be allowed to pick and choose which goods I wanted to sell?  I should be able to decide that much because it's MY store.  I set the rules.  Isn't the App Store the same way or does something change because of the scale of the store?

    I'm not going to argue as to whether Apple charges too much in terms of fees because I don't know what's exactly fair.  Apple has a lot of housekeeping to do so I don't know if they're making huge profits or not.  I just think that if a developer already knows the rules and they want to put their app on the App Store, I don't understand why they're complaining after the fact.  Fortnite is very popular and didn't Epic make quite a bit of money from the game already.  I'm not taking any sides as it doesn't affect me in any way as I don't play Fortnite and I'm not a developer.  I am an Apple shareholder and Tim Cook has said many developers make a lot of money from their apps on iOS.  Those numbers I heard seem pretty huge, but there are lots of games on the App Store so who knows how many developers make a lot of money.  Maybe only a small percentage.  I'm interested in how the courts treat this anti-trust suit, but Apple usually loses court cases because it's a wealthy company that's an easy target for large payouts.
    What if you had your own phone and someone else decided that ONLY their store can be on YOUR phone? Do you have an iPhone? Do you own it or does Apple own it? 

    Surely you get software from different sources for your computer. Is a phone something so special that you should not have this option on it even after dropping $1200 on the latest and greatest iPhone?
  • Epic Games CEO criticizes Apple's App Store policies in interview

    DAalseth said:
    TheNubi said:
    DAalseth said:
    "If every developer could accept their own payments and avoid the 30% tax by Apple and Google we could pass the savings along to all our consumers and players would get a better deal on items."

    A: This ignores the cost to the developers of setting up and running their own stores.
    B: No they wouldn't "pass the savings along". they'd pocket it. 

    This is  totally self serving and disingenuous statement by Sweeney.

    B. You don’t know that. No one has had an opportunity to see if it would happen or not. Even if they pocket the difference it won’t make much difference to the user. 
    Oh yes I do.  
    First if each developer absorbed the overhead of setting up their own store it would cost at least as much if not more. Second if they went with another company to provide the storefront service, the cost would be roughly the same. Lastly if by some miracle Apple or someone else offered a digital storefront for free with no % cut for the cost, the developers would simply pocket the difference. Most developers work on thin margins and an extra 30% would be better plowed back into the business rather than dropping prices for likely no increase in sales. 

    The 30% would NEVER go back to the customers. 
    From this very article, Epic only charges 12% for their store. If you didn’t need a specific store front, there are any number of online payment processing services available that many companies use. Paying to host an image of your installer is likewise very cheap. Distributing software via the internet is not complex or expensive in 2020. The point is options are there if not for Apple’s artificial barrier. 30% for distribution has always been too much, but its a ransom that has to be paid because there is no other option. 
  • How Steve Jobs saved Apple with the online Apple Store

    Those were such exciting times in the rebirth of Apple!
  • Images of 16-inch MacBook Pro reportedly in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta 2

    Soli said:
    TheNubi said:
    netrox said:
    Remember how old MacBook used to look with ports.... how ugly is that?!?! Don't ask Apple to include more ports. Just no. 

    VS this new MacBook-- beautiful and consistent ports to do EVERYTHING. 

    In order for those ports to do “everything” you have to attach “ugly” dongles to them. 
    That's bullshit.
    And how exactly will you connect ethernet, hdmi, display port or any other variety of peripheral to it?