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  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    To me right now, the question of cost/benefit is esoteric. I couldn't justify spending $5000.00 on a Windows (or any other OS) system over the last 10 years. I don't do anything with a computer that a $2000 one (or less) isn't powerful enough to do. I'm interested in the technology, and curious if it really is useful for people in the high end of video and SFX and graphic arts, but whatever the answer is I'm not going to be buying one. So $52,000 or $26,000 or $104,000 are all pretty much the same to me. I wouldn't have a reason to pay that much no matter whose computer it is or what it can do. 
  • Apple unveils new Apple Watch Series 5, with always on screen

    evilution said:
    bigtds said:
    Cool watch but 18hrs battery life is still pretty bad. 
    Mine lasts 4 days however, I'm not on of those people continuously on it.
    I’ve never pushed not charging, but I wear my series 4 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM normally, and I am seldom below 70%. I don’t play music or talk using the watch so that may explain why I’m not disappointed with battery life. 
  • Disney amps up streaming wars with 'Star Wars' & other programming announcements

    What is incredibly and pathetically sad is that:

    A quick look of the landscape indicates that the day Disney+ launches it will instantly be the best-value streaming service available. 

    All of the other services, whether standalone like Netflix and Hulu, or as channels through Apple TV, are all ridiculously overpriced. They all need to come down by 50% of even approach fair market value.
    Hulu isn’t stand alone. About 6 months ago Disney bought out Comcast’s share, and if they aren’t the sole owner they are at least 70-80% owners of  Hulu. 

    Disney has already announced that Hulu is where they will put their more adult content, whatever that means, and even the 6.99 version of Disney comes with the free version of Hulu, so Hulu at this price point will have commercials. You can pay more and get the commercial free version, and you will also get Disney +. I think you can also bundle ESPN and Disney and Hulu.