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  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    Nice try, but it won’t work. Every article I’ve seen leads off with the price, usually highlighting the wheels, monitor or the monitor stand. The only things that might shut up those laughing will be if it sells well even at its price point and reviews and user testimonies are positive. 

    And that won’t shut up a dedicated core of people who just seem to like complaining. 
  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    jmulchino said:
    Nice try, but it won’t work. Every article I’ve seen leads off with the price, usually highlighting the wheels, monitor or the monitor stand. The only things that might shut up those laughing will be if it sells well even at its price point and reviews and user testimonies are positive. 

    And that won’t shut up a dedicated core of people who just seem to like complaining. 
    Can’t stand comments going after others who “seem to like complaining”. The Comments section is devoted to critical comments, mostly. If you want others to agree with you 100% of the time and when they don’t, diss them for whining, it says a lot about you my friend. If you don’t like what you hear, don’t read it, but for Pete’s sake stay out of the Comments section if this is all you can add!
    I was commenting about the subject of the article, which tries to show that this is not just Apple’s attempt at a high end prosumer machine but an actual computer meant for professionals in the SFX, Audio and Video businesses. 

    You are complaining that you don’t like my complaint. 

    If the industries and people that this computer is aimed at say it’s overpriced or performs poorly then articles can validly complain. But all of Apples presentations with this machine have highlighted its video capacities and the ability to process concurrent video processes. This wasn’t meant to be a game machine. And they announced the prices when they announced the product 1 1/2 years ago. The cost should not have caught people by surprise. 

    If people who do video and SFX professionally for a living bash the price, or complain about features or lack of features I’ll listen. 
  • Disney amps up streaming wars with 'Star Wars' & other programming announcements

    What is incredibly and pathetically sad is that:

    A quick look of the landscape indicates that the day Disney+ launches it will instantly be the best-value streaming service available. 

    All of the other services, whether standalone like Netflix and Hulu, or as channels through Apple TV, are all ridiculously overpriced. They all need to come down by 50% of even approach fair market value.
    Hulu isn’t stand alone. About 6 months ago Disney bought out Comcast’s share, and if they aren’t the sole owner they are at least 70-80% owners of  Hulu. 

    Disney has already announced that Hulu is where they will put their more adult content, whatever that means, and even the 6.99 version of Disney comes with the free version of Hulu, so Hulu at this price point will have commercials. You can pay more and get the commercial free version, and you will also get Disney +. I think you can also bundle ESPN and Disney and Hulu. 
  • Neil Young rails against 'Fisher-Price' MacBook Pro audio for music production

    Old man yells at cloud.  News at 11.
    No, Old man, looks at your life, you’re a lot like he was. 
  • 'Apple Watch Series 6' may introduce blood oxygen detection, better ECG

    It is nice that Apple constantly improves the various functions and apps but not the battery life! 18 hours of charge still does not qualify as an "all-day battery." I do not understand, Apple supposedly has all these great innovative minds but can not build a better battery. Other watch companies like Fit Bit and Garmin have developed batteries that hold up to 5 to 14-day charge. Garmin has even a solar version! What is the problem with Apple other than wanting to overcharge for their products with inferior technology and trying to amaze everyone with their apps which is nice but with crappy battery life? Apple amazes me with their apparent lack of innovation and false claims of great watch sales. I would like to get a titanium version of the Apple Watch but the battery life has stopped me from buying one. Garmin fenix 6 has a titanium version for the same amount of money as Apple's titanium version but better battery life.  Sorry Apple, I know this is not the first time anyone has commented on the apparent weakness of the Apple Watch. It does not matter how pretty you built a house but if the foundation is weak it will still falter! The battery life is the foundation of the watch as far as I am concerned! I know people will call me a troll and whatever. I do not care! Even the Apple salespeople wish for better batter life!

    To get the battery life that a Garmin or FitBit does you would have to lower the screen quality as well as lower the functionality down to their level.  Plus, some of the Garmins pickup extra battery life simply by being extra huge.

    The functionality I get from my Apple Watch far out weighs the 45 minutes or so that I spend to charge it in the morning.  Other than that it's on my wrist 23 hours a day 7 days a week.
    This, in a nutshell. 

    If Apple or anyone else could make a battery that lasted 24 hours with significant hours at a high current draw economically then it would be available already. Such a battery probably can be made, but it would be ridiculously expensive and it’s lifespan may be shorter that current batteries. Apple isn’t the only device developer who could use such a battery but no one has it. You either lose features or you need to recharge more frequently. 
  • Apple's 'By Innovation Only' new iPhone event is on Sept. 10

    I also can’t see me buying a new phone this year. I bought the XS Max last year when the screen on my iPhone 6 died late August. I had been saving money every month after paying off the 6 and had most of the price of the Max already. I haven’t started doing that yet for whatever phone I buy next. And at over $1000 I can’t see me doing it for a couple of years at the earliest. 
    You say that like it's unusual. Normal people don't upgrade their phones every single year unless they're phone nerds, enthusiasts, etc.  Iterative improvement is the name of the game here, so even for enthusiasts there's no longer the dramatic differences as the low hanging fruit has been collected. Maturing products don't require as frequent replacement. After years of phone nerd annual upgrades, I held onto my X for a second year as well. Shrug.
    My first iPhone was the 4s. My next iPhone was the 6. My third is the Max. Had my screen not glitched last year about this time I would not have gotten a new phone then. 

    I’m sure that there are people who keep phones longer. With Apple moving from 32 to 64 bit and Apps no longer updating I don’t know what that did to iPhones 3-5, including the off year models. But if they still work I know that there are people who still use them. 
  • Return of the Mac: How Apple Silicon will herald a new era at WWDC 2021

    tht said:
    Beats said:
    I was underwhelmed with the M1 Mac reveal. Yeah I know it has a bad ass Apple processor and bad ass software support but I expected more from the company who invented the Mac.

    Here’s what I expected

    1. Apple modem or at least support for cellular networks.

    2. App Store funnel for all applications. (Probably too late for this now)

    3. A revolutionary new design. Maybe a new touchbar, FaceID, a hinge that can place the MacBook flat for Pencil support and drawing etc.

    One of the main points of Apple Silicon Macs was that they didn’t run hot.... oh yeah and also noiseless.
    1. Yeah. It is curious why they haven't had cellular modem options for their laptops.

    2. As long people can side load, the App Store just isn't going to be a thing on macOS. Apple can make the App Store a popular place if they published some popular apps maybe, but they are reluctant to do that.

    3. I don't think there is a "revolutionary" design in the cards for a PC, not like the OG iPhone was. It's all iterative refinements. A foldable, with robust display covers, will be coming, but I don't think that's a revolution. You are still operating it like a laptop or a tablet, except the keyboards and tracking devices will be virtual. I do think they need to put more work in with keyboards, both the software versions on iPads, the ones in laptops, and external ones. It's something used all the time, a primary UI device, and continued optimizations and maybe experimentation would be nice to see.

    Eg, I'd like them to offer 2-row, 3-row ortho-linear software keyboards on iPadOS. Something that would yield more display area for apps.

    4. The next revolution is probably AR. Obviously Apple has been hinting so for ages now.

    Beats said:
    One of the main points of Apple Silicon Macs was that they didn’t run hot.... oh yeah and also noiseless.
    They still get hot, just less so then before. Moving the hot components away from the keyboard to the back of the display just eliminates having hot keys all together.

    Then, we will see how it goes when the large Apple Silicon laptops arrive.
    At peak power draw an M1 uses about 40 watts.  Intel chips can pull upwards of 120 watts (or more) at peak. You don’t get heat unless you are drawing watts. I don’t know how long an M1 can sustain a peak draw or what the consequences of running near the max for extended times are but unless there are secondary significant  heat generators inside a M1 MacBook they will run a lot cooler than an I5 or I7 Intel powered computer will.