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  • Apple Music violates EU antitrust laws, $39 billion fine possible

    I have to say I agree that Apple’s ban on any mention of purchases or accounts outside the App Store does harm Apple users. 

    As an Apple user wouldn’t you want to know if there is a cheaper option available before making an in-app purchase? I know I do!
    Can you just research yourself? I am an Apple user but trust me if Best Buy have a sale or any other shop I will get my Apple product there. I have a few subscriptions mostly entertainment apps all of them are directly with the merchants and then use the email/password to login using the app. Besides the offers developers will put through those links may not even be the best deal for you. It’s the best deal for them but not for you the tiny poor consumer. These developers aka “little guys”  fighting Apple are billionaires and millionaires trying to enrich themselves even more by not paying Apple any commission and also by getting more money from these “direct deals” with consumers. 
  • Apple Watch sensor has racial bias, claims new lawsuit

    MacPro said:
    zimmie said:
    MacPro said:
    I can't see what Apple could do?  If they improved the sensitivity wouldn't that just make measurements better for light skins too, thus maintaining the differential?  It's physics not bias. 
    Not necessarily. All pulse oximeters use a measurement correction curve to convert from the amount of reflected light to an oxygenation percentage. That curve needs to change based on skin tone and possibly other characteristics we don’t even know about today (since only recently did a million people start carrying an oximeter around with them everywhere). Correcting the curve for darker skin would make readings for lighter skin less accurate, so it would need to be adjustable.
    That sounds not only doable, but automatable.
    Apple Watch Oxygen Sensor is already a mockery in Hospital settings and then you start applying corrections and corrections. At that point, do you even believe the number you get? No.

    The sue talks about the pandemic and darker tone not getting the right amount of supplemental oxygen. Well I doubt that any hospital strap an apple watch to some patient wrist to make that decision or even take the value from the patient’s AW because they absolutely hate when patients go and say my AW is saying this or that. They usually laughed and proceed to measure with the finger version used by 100% of the medical field. 

    This is a tech limitation that’s been known for decades that’s why they measure it on the nail bed because it’s  lighter/pink tone. 

    They just sue Apple because you know the deep pockets and the other reason is to prove they are completely a-holes. 
  • Advanced Data Protection will complicate new device setup this Christmas

    dewme said:
    I have not turned ADP on because I have a mix of devices, some with older versions of iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. I’m not sure how ADP handles backward compatibility so I’m not going to do anything that’ll cripple my older devices. 

    For now I’ll just add another layer of tinfoil and wait for a very clear and unambiguous article that describes all of the potentially breaking changes that turning ADP on causes to all devices- old and new. This is something that I cannot afford to be wrong about. 
    Those old devices will eventually have to be removed from accessing iCloud altogether. I have new devices but I am also still holding on to a Sierra iMac which still going strong and I can do a few things there that got broken since High Sierra. But I discovered last week that safari passwords where keychain is located on Sierra doesn’t update anymore to the cloud. So the password count doesn’t match. If you add a password on Sierra you won’t see it on newer devices. Same thing happened to the books app. I still use it but now it is retired from iCloud. 
  • FDA approves iPhone connectible Dexcom G7 glucose monitor

    zanoii said:
    While these solutions are great, the problem with these devices is that the glue that attaches them to the body is considered corporate secrets and is not examined by the FDA or similar authorities. This has lead to widespread skin hypersensitivity and rashes among users. 

    The adhesive must become part of the FDA approval process.
    Even if the adhesives becomes part of the FDA approval process. There is still a chance to a reaction you know like any other drug/vaccine the FDA clears. The amount of reactions are very slim. It happens but compared to the people that doesn’t get the hypersensitive is negligible.  
  • FDA approves iPhone connectible Dexcom G7 glucose monitor

    paxman said:
    I am a broken record on this subject. CGM's are very expensive but are covered by insurance for the lucky ones. Self financing is prohibitive for most people. Additionally CGM manufacturers greatly limit what end users can and cannot do with the devices making hacked solutions difficult. My plan (feel free to contact me for more brilliant advice, Apple :wink: ), is that Apple disrupt this market by buying one of the CGM companies, or manufacturing their own CGM's and then sell CGM's at cost so that virtually everyone can afford them. Apple should optionally bypass the iPhone and feed CGM data directly to the AW for live glucose readings. For deeper analysis and stats an iPhone or iPad would be required where it could all be integrated with Apple Health. There are approx 40 million Type 2 diabetics in the US alone, and god knows how many world wide. If CGM's were sold at cost (super cheap), all one would need is an AW and iPhone. Hell, instead of insurance companies financing CGM's for people they could finance AWs and iPhones. Sounds like a win win all-around, to me :) 

    You want to side load on the CGM as well :D. You forgot to add to your dream requests that Apple should also forget about the FDA since the approval for the devices takes ages and also de for the apps which have to be FDA cleared as well.

    Regarding the insurance comment: If you are in the position that your insurance doesn’t cover it at all. You have the option to shop around and get an insurance that will cover it because it is that important if you are a diabetic. I went from an insurance that didn’t cover it at all to an insurance that only cover it as a DME to now an insurance that I’ll just pick the items at a Pharmacy.