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  • Advanced Data Protection will complicate new device setup this Christmas

    dewme said:
    I have not turned ADP on because I have a mix of devices, some with older versions of iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. I’m not sure how ADP handles backward compatibility so I’m not going to do anything that’ll cripple my older devices. 

    For now I’ll just add another layer of tinfoil and wait for a very clear and unambiguous article that describes all of the potentially breaking changes that turning ADP on causes to all devices- old and new. This is something that I cannot afford to be wrong about. 
    Those old devices will eventually have to be removed from accessing iCloud altogether. I have new devices but I am also still holding on to a Sierra iMac which still going strong and I can do a few things there that got broken since High Sierra. But I discovered last week that safari passwords where keychain is located on Sierra doesn’t update anymore to the cloud. So the password count doesn’t match. If you add a password on Sierra you won’t see it on newer devices. Same thing happened to the books app. I still use it but now it is retired from iCloud. 
  • Apple plans to expand AirDrop time limit to customers worldwide

    shamino said:
    Before jumping into "Apple is taking orders from the Chinese government" theories, there may be other perfectly reasonable reasons for this change.  Like, for instance, the fact that AirDrop has been used as a medium for sending obscene images to strangers.  Some news stories:

    By preventing phones from being set to "Everyone" at all times, you block most of this, since the attackers will only be able to send to people who already have him in their contacts list.

    FWIW, I leave my devices set to "Contacts Only" precisely because I don't want any possibility of a stranger sending me anything.  I can share content with my friends and relatives, and that's plenty.
    Yet you jumped into the conclusion the attacker is a “him”.

  • New Apple TV 4K with A15, HDR10+, more storage debuts

    There shouldn’t be a $129 option. Thread, Matter and an Ethernet port is well worth a 20 upgrade. You want an Apple TV because it is the portal for your media consumption apps but most importantly because it is your home hub. 

    As someone said above people are better off with the current version if they go on sale at retailers if they want a homekit hub. 

  • Hands on with the small and mighty 6th-generation iPad mini

    crowley said:
    Apple_Bar said:
    I got mine Friday. So far I’m happy, very happy. But the bezels are still somewhat large to my liking. 
    Yeh, i wonder why they reduced the bezels but kept them fairly large?
    The top & bottom bezels seem much narrower than before but not narrow.  And, the side bezels seem (from the pictures) to be even wider than before.

    Why wouldn't Apple just eliminate bezels like they did on iPhones starting back with the X?  And, without FaceId the don't even need the notch.

    Does that very nice front facing camera take up that much room?  But, even if it does, why are the other three bezels so much wider than those on an iPhone?

    The typical, immediate answer is (as always) "cost".  But I would think that making the screen fill the form factor should not add significantly to the cost.

    Are you going to glue some velcro on your hand and some more on the back of the iPad in order to have a decent touch experience? You still need some space to handle the iPad (a two-hands device).
    It has flat edges, there's plenty of grip there.
    sure there is let me try to grab the iPad Pro 12.9 and mini on the sides for an terrible experience. Never will understand the obsession of bezel-less devices. 
  • Apple threatened to pull Facebook from the App Store over human trafficking

    DAalseth said:
    It's clear that FB is an evil company, run by a sociopath, that will do and allow anything for money. That's a given.
    It's also clear that human trafficking is a huge problem that has to be tackled whenever and wherever it appears. 

    This does bring up an interesting question though. When is it a companies duty to step in and regulate how their product is used? When do they have the RIGHT to dicatarte this? Even more how is it their right to dictate how OTHER companies apps are used?
    Various gangs and mafiosi like Ford Expeditions for their criminal activities. They have plenty of room, you can get them with dark windows standard, and they are very tough. It's the same reason clandestine "security" organizations use them. Should Apple ban Ford's advertising and any apps they have because of this? Should Apple ban other apps that DO allow Ford advertisements? 
    It's one thing when a country such as China says Apple cannot offer Twitter in the AppStore. It's another when Apple rejects an App because it doesn't fit with their image. It's my phone. If I want, for example, a porn app on it how is it Apples place to say no? If I want to use an app in a way that Apple doesn't agree with, how do they have the right to say that's not allowed? It's my phone. It's my time. It's my business. 

    Who made them arbiter of how I can use the device I paid for?

    I wonder if this is part of the reason there is growing pressure to allow side loading of Apps on Apple devices? 
    Because you are not seeing that the App Store belongs to Apple so they make the rules of how/what they want to sale. 

    You may own the iPhone hardware but you don’t own the OS heck you don't even own the apps. You may think you do but then the developer changes to a subscription model and you are f or build an entire new app that you have to pay again and stopped supporting the one you think you owned. 

    Same as Target not wanting Salvation Army outside the stores. 

    Same as Walmart for allowing Salvation Army.

    Same as a restaurant when they decide to offer a certain Menu. 

    You know what you are getting yourself into when buying the iPhone. I bet you (not you everyone really) tap Agree, Next, Next, Next at setup without reading. 

    On your example of Ford the crimes are not being committed on an iPhone app. Human trafficking was directly happening through the Facebook app  violating the App Store rules.   So they get to regulate and intervene directly.