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  • New Apple Watch Series 7 with more durability, larger screen area revealed

    rattlhed said:
    KBuffett said:
    So it doesn’t have the flat edges, as the rumours suggested 

    Ya, I like this look much better.  Flat edges would have been weird.  Love to see the leekers get it wrong!
    The “leaker” renderings were ugggggly!! So happy it was just wrong.
  • Netflix enables Spatial Audio support for iPhone and iPad

    wwinter86 said:
    But not on the Apple TV box?
    Already announced for next major TVOS update. Apparently, currently only works with iOS and M1 Macs due to hardware that allows the devices to recognize relative direction. A software implementation is being worked on.
  • Master & Dynamic MW08 versus AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds

    AirPods Pro has 5 hours (or 4.5 hours with ANC) listening time, not 8 hours.
  • Apple urging retail staff to wear masks again even if they're vaccinated

    sdw2001 said:
    It is amazing how we just keep repeating the insanity. We know that mask mandates and lockdowns don’t work. This is unequivocal. That is not to say masks don’t work at all, but the way we’re wearing them clearly will not be effective.  We aren’t talking about wearing an N 95 or better mask when entering a high risk environment like a medical facility or a nursing home. We’re talking about wearing a piece of cloth or paper across your face while you shop for your new AirPods. It’s not going to do anything.  
    And it’s this type of uninformed comment that has the US in the situation it’s in.

    N95 masks are designed to minimize incoming exposure and transmission. Proper cloth masks are designed to reduce transmission. They help capture the viruses encapsulated in micro droplets as you breathe out, reducing the chance of a contagious person from spreading the virus.

    Mask wearing has been proven to help reduce spread and the data can be easily seen when comparing places with and without mask mandates (along with how seriously the people take these rules).
  • Apple removes fake review identifier from App Store following Amazon complaint [u]

    Apple did not remove this app to protect Amazon. Amazon was able to find a specific Apple App Store guideline that Fakespot violates. Apple has no choice but to remove the app as a result.

    This has nothing to do with censorship but rather holding a company accountable to its own rules. I’m sure if Fakespot was able to find a way to eliminate this violation, its App will be re-approved.