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  • CPSC calls Peloton Tread+ a danger to children and pets

    moiety said:

    AppleInsider staff –

    Can we please NOT show that video keyframe image of SOMEONE'S DEAD CHILD? It's in really poor taste. Have a link to the CPSC video without a preview, and include a warning, I beg you.

    This particular video shows how a child got caught but the child in this video got out in his own and survived. This particular child didn’t die. It’s actually a really good demonstration of the dangers of this design flaw.
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  • Apple urging retail staff to wear masks again even if they're vaccinated

    sdw2001 said:
    It is amazing how we just keep repeating the insanity. We know that mask mandates and lockdowns don’t work. This is unequivocal. That is not to say masks don’t work at all, but the way we’re wearing them clearly will not be effective.  We aren’t talking about wearing an N 95 or better mask when entering a high risk environment like a medical facility or a nursing home. We’re talking about wearing a piece of cloth or paper across your face while you shop for your new AirPods. It’s not going to do anything.  
    And it’s this type of uninformed comment that has the US in the situation it’s in.

    N95 masks are designed to minimize incoming exposure and transmission. Proper cloth masks are designed to reduce transmission. They help capture the viruses encapsulated in micro droplets as you breathe out, reducing the chance of a contagious person from spreading the virus.

    Mask wearing has been proven to help reduce spread and the data can be easily seen when comparing places with and without mask mandates (along with how seriously the people take these rules).
  • Netflix enables Spatial Audio support for iPhone and iPad

    wwinter86 said:
    But not on the Apple TV box?
    Already announced for next major TVOS update. Apparently, currently only works with iOS and M1 Macs due to hardware that allows the devices to recognize relative direction. A software implementation is being worked on.
  • Dow Jones blames 'technical error' for news claiming Google would buy Apple

    Big question would be why this clearly ridiculous (and bad for Apple) “announcement” would cause Apple stocks to GO UP... because selling a company for a fraction of what it’s worth is good for business? And an increase from 155.98 to 156.47 isn’t a leap or spike. It’s a slow day at Apple.
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  • Apple's use of Location Services data tied to UWB management & federal guidelines

    How to turn a mole hill into a mountain.
    Step 1.  Implement a function.  Tell no on about it.
    Step 2.  Have it discovered by someone outside the organization.
    Step 3.  Retroactively explain, then offer an opt out.

    Opt out after the fact gives the impression that "we're only offering an opt out because someone found out what we're doing".  Unnecessary self infliction.

    Apple stop punching yourself in the nuts.  The optics are always worse when "caught" doing something.  That vaunted Marketing department could have easily preemptively spun this as a security and safety bullet point  of the 11 series and 100% we would have had multiple articles extolling the virtues of UWB geofencing.  Not a negative peep would have been heard.
    It seems to me it’s others turning a mole hill into a mountain. It’s almost like tech media and security researchers want people to be in a constant state of panic or freakout.  It’s like when the news came out that Google was working with a big hospital system on analytics. Big freak out in tech media even though the number of people at Google working on this project was small and everything was HIPPA compliant. 
    Exactly. It used to be that when people discovered questionable things, they would ask the company for an explanation. Now, let’s just spread it all over social media first and create FUD.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: What it looks like and when it's coming

    Dear reviewer. The 3x telephoto lens is not a zoom. Please understand photography / lens terminology when reviewing photography / lens features.
  • Apple removes fake review identifier from App Store following Amazon complaint [u]

    Apple did not remove this app to protect Amazon. Amazon was able to find a specific Apple App Store guideline that Fakespot violates. Apple has no choice but to remove the app as a result.

    This has nothing to do with censorship but rather holding a company accountable to its own rules. I’m sure if Fakespot was able to find a way to eliminate this violation, its App will be re-approved.
  • Long-time Mac developer's apps pulled from Mac App Store because of automated system failu...

    If this is what it seems to be, Apple has become the worst of the most evil phenomenon Steve Jobs attacked in 1984.
    Well, what it seems to be is a likely glitch. But hey, let’s insinuate there’s a nefarious reason while you can.
  • Apple releases Studio Display firmware update 15.5 with speaker fault fix

    Rogue01 said:
    slurpy said:
    Too bad, Apple only gave the whiners a day to shriek and holler and whine. I had this issue, a restart fixed it, and knew it would be patched. Didn't see the need to screech online about it. 
    Only Apple would create a display hobbled by iOS

    plagued with quality problems. Lousy hardware camera

    bricked by the first iOS update,

    speakers that fail and the fix was to completely disconnect and pull the power cord

    Apple had to patch it because of their lousy quality control.
    While I agree with some of your sentiments, your excessive negative tone suggests an anti-Apple bias. Addressing your criticisms:

    1. Do you know what, in entirety, iOS does for this display? It may sound counterintuitive that a display needs an OS to operate but, as we know, Apple makes choices for such things for a reason. To describe it as "hobbled" suggests it's something designed to limit its functionality. But that isn't the case, is it? But you'd be correct if you suggested that Apple needed to do more to ensure the software wasn't buggy before release. But that's something different that "hobbled" wouldn't you say?

    2.  Plagued suggests wide-spread. There were issues with the software that controlled the camera. Fixing the software corrected those issues. This means the camera hardware wasn't at fault. To describe the problem as "Lousy hardware camera" is not factual.

    3. My display wasn't bricked with the first firmware update. Most weren't. To describe it as you did suggests it happened consistently and all the time. Again, that's not factual.

    4. The speakers didn't fail. The software allowing the computer to communicate with the display speakers was faulty, requiring a disconnect and reboot to resolve the problem. Yes, a power button would have made the power-down and reboot easier. Is that necessarily a reason to add hardware to the display? Just in case at some point there's a software glitch that needs to be reset? Debatable. In this case, from a simplicity and design standpoint, it actually doesn't make sense to build in hardware for the possible need of a reboot. The fault here is in the software/firmware which should absolutely have been perfected prior to release.

    5. This was absolutely lousy quality control. However, it's lousy software quality control, which is easily correctable. Lousy hardware quality control would be an entirely different matter. Keep in mind, as with Tesla, software on technology like this means the possibility of new features being enabled in the future. Who knows. As mentioned, Apple has a reason for most things. You may or may not agree with those reasons but that doesn't mean those reasons don't exist or aren't valid.

    By the way, I encountered the sound issue for the first time just last week. Audio would play for a second or two and then stop. I'd go to a different app or file and audio would play and then stop. To discover that a simple unplugging and reconnecting would resolve the issue meant a pretty simple fix and knowing it was a known issue meant knew a fix was coming. I could have chosen to be really pissed with the inconvenience of having to unplug my display and while annoying, it really isn't a big deal. A week later, a software fix was released. I would have been happier if the software engineers were more careful to ensure these bugs didn't exist in the first place and I'd agree this doesn't look great for a big company like Apple to allow simple glitches to be released. Mistakes happen. The fact it was promptly addressed, to me, was the important part.

    We should all call out Apple for these mistakes. But if you're gonna criticise, at least focus on the problems. Blowing your criticisms out of proportion makes you sound like you're on a mission to bash the company and actually delegitimises your arguments. It makes it incredibly hard to take you seriously.
  • Compared: New AirPods Pro versus original AirPods Pro

    crowley said:
    Touch controls?  No thanks.
    Why not? I've actually been hoping Apple would eventually add a touch-control volume slider since the first gen AirPods. It just seemed to make so much sense, especially with the stem. I'm pleased they actually did it!