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  • A 24-inch 4K monitor & Mac mini is a good option versus the Apple Silicon iMac

    This is basically what I did except I went with a 32in 4K screen - really happy with the setup.
  • Brazil fines Apple $1.9M for not including charger in iPhone 12 box

    lkrupp said:
    Easy fix, just raise the prices of Brazilian iPhones to cover the cost of the forced inclusion of a charger. $50 ought to be about right.

    Considering that Apple hasn't dropped the price when they stopped including the charger, why should they now increase the price to re-include?
  • Apple could be Tesla's biggest threat, analyst says

    I would think for Apple to be a threat their first release would have to be just as good, if not better, than any Tesla model available at that time. Apple does have one advantage and that is that they shouldn't make as many mistakes since they have more data available to them now than Tesla did then they launched...Apple will do what Apple does best, take something that someone else has done, study and learn from their mistakes and release a first gen that is far better than anyone else's first gen... no other company innovates off of the work of other people like Apple does...
  • Apple Health data used to convict man in wife's death

    How did they get the data? Did this guy actually give authorization to access his data and did so without first verifying the information prior to granting access?
  • 'Safe Tech Act' could strip Section 230 user content protections from websites

    viclauyyc said:
    Why not just pass a law that makes the commenters pay 70% of the damage and the forum companies pay 30%?

    In fact, I think the anonymity of internet is kinda bad thing. So much hatful and damaging thing had been committed because of that. They should pass a law that make people use their real identity, or at least only one identity for all internet activities. It is not like NSA don’t know who we are and what we did last night.
    what you're asking for would be a violation of free speech because you would be punishing the individual who made the comment. The other issue is who determines the appropriateness of the comment? There are easy things like direct calls for violence but things like hate speech are judgement calls and very subjective - just take what we're seeing now, you can look all across twitter and facebook and see hateful speech towards white people (with suggestions of violence) going unpunished and even at time celebrated but say something like you disagree with kneeling during the anthem or question the looting that took place during protests and you're attacked as a racist. No one really wants to support the idea of applying equitable standards towards hate speech. I don't doubt that even now that someone will read this comment and think I'm just a bitter caucasian which is absolutely hysterical....