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  • Texas sues Meta over Facebook's past facial recognition practices

    Xed said:
    F_Kent_D said:
    This is the same Texas state government that has made drastic changes to voting laws to try and reduce the number of citizens that can successfully cast a vote in the state.
    Based on your inaccurate comment it doesn’t seem to me you live in Texas. I’ve lived in Texas for my 43 years and the government has never tried to reduce the amount of people that can vote. We actually have opened early voting for extended periods of time, more than most states by a lot, and the state allows anyone to cast a provisional ballot that if needed any government issued or even a school issued ID is sufficient. You cannot tell me that even thou you’re required to have an ID to lease an apartment or any housing but it’s not okay to require that same ID to cast a ballot for an election. You’ve been fed wrong information watching CNN and reading The Washington Compost
    Someone needs to read more about their state laws. FB and Qanon groups aren't cutting it.

    Oops. I linked to article from CNN. I guess that means it's automatically all "fake news". 🙄
    How is structuring an accountable voting system to limit fraudulent votes reducing the number of citizens who can successfully vote? There's absolutely nothing in that article that demonstrates a blocking in someone's ability to vote - does removing 24hr voting inconvenience some, maybe, but 6am to 10pm still gives you 16 out of 24hrs to cast a vote so it's not impossible - people can go before work or afterwork regardless of their shift. Texas actually has a State law in place that says employers are NOT allowed to prevent an employee from voting: so exactly how are people are the number of citizens being reduce? 
  • More early details about Apple's folding iPhone revealed

    lkrupp said:
    "Apple has applied for many patents regarding aspects of what could become a folding iPhone, and it's been granted many, too”

    Steve Jobs claimed Apple had patented the iPhone to the hilt and would go thermonuclear on anyone trying to copy it. But the iPhone to this day is copied by everybody. Apple apparently files for and receives thousands of patents every year.

    So why does every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Mary Jane sue Apple every chance they get? If a folding iPhone is ever released there will be lawsuits galore. I know it, you know it, the whole world knows it. 
    You know Apple has lost several patent lawsuits, right? People have sued them for infringement and won and Apple has tried to sue others for infringement and lost. That's always going to be a hurdle for them because they are not creators but rather innovators...the difference being that creators bring new things and innovators try to improve on the existing. Apple did not create the first smartphone which really makes the iPhone itself a copy, so they've done exactly what your complaining other manufacturers do...
  • Apple cuts App Store commission to 15% for developers paid less than $1M per year

    glennh said:
    Let me put it plain and simple for all. It’s Apple Shareholders’ Store and Platform.

    Shareholder expect the management to generate profits. Since Apple owns the store, they do not have to let anyone else in their store which exist to generate profit from their platform. Just because they are better at generating “ginormous” amounts of cash,  that by itself does not give anyone the “RIGHT” to be in their store. 

    I have not seen a single developer or anyone else spend a single penny when it comes to paying for Apple’s various yearly development, legal, contractors, patent, and employees cost. These costs are not cheap and shareholders expect the management to recover these costs. 

    Apple unlike most companies give a lot of other people and companies a free ride in respect to above listed cost. With that said helping  the little guy/gal out is a good thing to do. But letting a million plus dollar corporations ride for free “ain’t” a thing I am prepared to forgive as an Apple shareholder.

     The current 15 to 30 per cent is a bargain to what should be a higher  rate for using Apple “privately owned” platform and gaining access to the platform customers. The last time I checked I do not think Macy’s has ever given Nordstrom equal access to its stores, customers or products. Nor has either one of them let someone display or sell a product in their stores for just 15 to 30 percent or for FREE! 
    Not seen a single developer spend a single penny on Apple's cost? What do you think the 30% Apple takes is for? Are you suggesting that in addition to the 30% (now 15% in some cases) that developers should make additional contributions? Perhaps they should hold a YouTube telethon to raise money for the charity that is the Apple App Store?

    If you don't think there's profit built into the 15% - 30% you're crazy and you really have no idea how much money some of these apps really make...Candy Crush alone could support all of Apple's costs and more than likely still make them a profit. 
  • Full third-party cookie blocking comes to Safari two years ahead of Chrome

    "No telling yet how this will again affect ad firms, as even with its limitations previously, it was reported that hundreds of millions in revenue were being lost as a result of ITP...." As someone who works for one of the big 5 holding companies, ITP had no measurable impact - work arounds for data stitching and backdoors were identified pretty quickly so no meaningful losses ever surfaced. One work around that worked well was having advertisers drop the cookie from their site so it registered as a 1st party cookie and not a 3rd party. It took Apple a couple of releases to patch that but other methods exist. Maybe smaller performance based firms seen something but collectively it never reached losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. Even blocking 3rd party cookies will have a less than expected impact because tech exists and continues to be developed for advertising to exist in a cookie-less world.
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