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  • iPhone 14 may still use A15, Pro models move to A16 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    This does not seem to make sense: using 2 different processors complicates engineering, increases SW effort and complicates the supply chain. It seems to me a very un-Apple move. All that for a tiny cost saving and a marketing nightmare.
  • Compared: New 2022 iPad Air vs 2020 iPad Air

    I have an iPad Air 4 and see no reason to upgrade. The only big deal is that colours are nicer. My iPad is WiFi only, the front camera is hardly used and I don't experience any real world issues with the A14 Bionic. 

    If I needed a new iPad, this one in blue would be the one to get, but for me, upgrading from an iPad Air 4 to 5 makes no sense.
  • Apple praises Amsterdam police over 'terrifying' hostage situation

    American police could learn a lesson or two here. Overwhelming firepower is not the only way to resolve such situations. A Dutch police vehicle simply pulled him over. Well, pushed in this case. “Dankjewel for your cooperation.”
    The guy died of his injuries.....
  • Peloton appoints new CEO, announces layoffs of 2,800 employees

    MplsP said:

    Xed said:
    cg27 said:
    So prior to the cuts Peleton has over 10,000 employees?  If that’s the case they’re beyond bloated.  There are successful EV startups that have fewer employees than that.  This is just a dumb bike with some app and personal trainers, not exactly rocket science.

    Even if the article means to say 2800 remain that’s still a ton of overhead, for what??
    That's a lot of odd statements. Because there are successful EV startups with fewer employees anyone who has more than the lowest has too many? are you aware that startups have few employees than established companies? Are you aware that Peloton does more than "dumb bikes"? How many employees did Amazon and Google have when they were just an online store and just a search engine?
    Agreed, but I also think they were likely overstaffed. 
    10,000 employees and 4B turnover? That is a very much overstaffed. They are having $400k turnover per employee. Benchmark is $1-2M per employee. Compare with Google: 156,000 employees and $257B turnover for $1.6M per employee. Apple: 154,000 employees and $365B turnover for $2.4M per employee.
  • Apple removes Unidays verification requirement for educational purchases

    I think they probably re-introduce later, but it is probably reverted as Unidays is a mess at the moment. I tried to register as staff and it is not possible. Sign up info is wrong, for example they ask for "personal email" but what they mean is university email address. I have no idea how they are going to link Apple ID to Unidays account  (they will be different email addresses) because I never got that far. FAQ links are also broken and there are other problems like some students eligible for Unidays account who are not eligible for Apple University/Education discounts under the previous policy.