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  • Apple AR headset, new Mac Pro and more expected in 2022

    VR is the Avatar of hardware: everyone had to see/try it once, then they couldn’t care less. VR imposes the one requirement the users detest: a claustrophobic device that is too unwieldy and limiting in its use. consumers hate using anything that places any physical demand on their operation. TVs are click on and surf, iPhones fit comfortably in your palm,  WATCH is practically invisible on your wrist. I can’t believe Apple would waste any development on a headset VR system — AR is fine because it’s less cumbersome and should be usable anywhere.

    Ready Player One level VR ubiquity is far yet into the future, long after old codgers like me are gone. AR is my bet and hope.
  • Apple defeats developers seeking $200 billion over App Store 'tyrannical greed'

    dewme said:
    So we learned once again that some people just don’t handle rejection very well. The hyperbole and ad hominem attacks on Apple leadership are embarrassing on so many levels. Just more adult sized babies running loose in society. When will it end?
    I don’t see it as “adult babies,” it purely as issue of litigation run amok, of greed ($200,000,000,000). 30% is an astounding payoff.
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    I don’t get the whole DongleLife rebellion. I’m thrilled by every measure the new options, but I’ve never cared about carrying a dongle, especially since there are so many multipurpose options available. Though the return of MagSafe is a great relief.

    As for touch screen: if it were an option I didn’t have to select, fine - offer it. I personally can’t stand touchscreen laptops—fingerprints. And with the new nanotexture screens, it would be a disaster, screen cleaning those is already a nightmare for care.

    I’m happy to see no one gripping about cost. I used my 2012 MBP Retina until my iPad took over 90% it’s functions. The 2012 beast still works, but just not fast enough for the graphics I do. My point is, the ROI on the MBP has been amazing. I expect that these new ones will also see a great lifespan. Not only that, but I suspect that  will update the SOC M chips far more often than they did with Intel.

    These are good times to be a MBP user.
  • Lawsuit targets Apple's iOS App Store 'monopoly'

    Here the thing, Class Action lawsuits never benefit the public plaintiffs. Since the preponderance of award funds are taken by the lawyers who file it. This is complete BS.

    As the judge in the Epic v Apple case said, “Making a profit is not a crime.”

    You use their services, you should pay. We can have any phone we want, I choose iPhone because it’s closed. My choice.
  • Spotify overtakes Apple as top US podcast platform, says Spotify

    Well then, I guess their whole “it’s a monopoly!” claim has a few holes it it…