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  • Apple prepares to enable sideloading and App Store changes in EU

    Could the split to a different App Store for Europe be necessary to implement the changes required to charge developers directly for the use of Apple IP and backend systems in their apps directly since they won't be able to recover those costs as they do currently?
  • Apple offers Austin relocation to 121 San Diego employees in office closure

    hexclock said:
    iadlib said:
    GROSS what a total downgrade and what a cheap relocation offer. Anyone who does that is going to suffer on so many levels. From the out-of-pocket expense of relocating to Texas (WHO EATS PICKLES AT THE MOVIES??) to the future loss of income for homeowners. Homes in CA especially in SD are going to appreciate in value more than TX. Then there's the general lack of progressive laws and thinking. Oh I forgot that you're also moving from a coastal area with the highest happiness quotient in the USA to inland the capital of a state that is anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman's rights, pro-gun, and pro-racist.

    Instead of Apple doubling down on TX, they should be looking to eliminate their corporate presence there in protest over the backward laws of the state. Just goes to show greed motivates all. 
    Amen. Progressive companies should stop propping up the economy of regressive States. 
    California is in a financial mess, with a 68 billion dollar budget deficit. Progressive policies have destroyed that state, probably forever. 
    It appears someone watches too much Fox "News".  Equally apparent someone has probably never lived in San Diego or anywhere else in California.  If they say otherwise I would have to assume that they are a liar -- oh, sorry, I'm sure they just have "alternative" facts.
  • Hey Calendar approved by App Review after tongue-in-cheek Apple history calendar addition

    I don't get the point of this article.  

    It appears to me that Apple originally rejected the app because it didn't follow published developer guidelines.  And, apparently, the developers expected this to happen because they knew they didn't follow those guidelines and they know their app is not a "reader app" like Netflix.  Apparently, they then added some free functionality, per guidelines, and Apple approved the app in accordance with their published guidelines.  

    So I don't get what the story is here.  

    Also, two questions and a comment for the writer:  


    What does the obvious statement that developers won't write apps for the upcoming Apple headset unless they support the developers have to do with Apple, apparently, following their published guidelines?

    What does the ongoing US DoJ and EU investigations have to do with Apple, apparently, following their published guidelines?


    Why don't you spend ten minutes searching the Internet and figure out why a paid email/calendar app obviously isn't a reader app.

  • Just what we needed: another Apple dongle, this time for USB-C to Lightning

    Seriously! WTF!  People complain the iPhone has a Lightning port and that's just to force people to buy cables.  They change the port because of a short sighted EU law and people are still complaining.  Seriously, why do people hate on Apple so much?  If you don't like Apple or their products DON'T BUY THEM.

    And if you consider yourself a journalist don't whine about the products they sell like you're some consumer advocate that cares about people when all you really care about is getting clicks by bashing every last thing Apple does.
  • Apple slammed with $1 billion class action lawsuit in UK over 30% App Store fee

    Time to start piloting the new program of charging all developers for the use of the API based on number of apps distributed.  I'm sure that those 1500 developers will find that a much more fair way of charging for the use of Apple's intellectual property.
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