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  • Apple threatens to kill iMessage & FaceTime in UK if controversial law passes

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    From the country that instituted Brexit against popular opinion and had an unelected leader that was only in office for a few weeks, who destroyed hundreds of billions of pounds from their economy.
    Either you’re a revisionist or you simple don’t understand how referendums work.

    The vote for Brexit was clear, the majority of the population of the United Kingdom voted for it to happen (17.4M to leave vs 16.1M to remain).

    Yes, Scotland and, to a lesser degree Northern Ireland, voted to remain. However even nearly 40% of the Scots voted to leave which is a fact that the SNP never recognises as they pretend that all of Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

    Was it the right decision? Well, I don’t think we will truly know that for at least another 10 years. None of the  prophetic doom and gloom scenarios ever got close to materialising and the country was always going to be worse off during the initial divorce stage.

    Either way the result of the decision is largely irrelevant, what is relevant is that a democratic vote was taken and was then acted upon (albeit poorly).
    This is how democracy dies. The "democratic vote" was driven by anti-immigrant and racist factions with big megaphones stoking the fires of fear and loathing in the population to the extent that they vote against their own interests.

    Democracy is not about right or wrong - it’s what the majority vote for, no matter how stupid they may be.

    The first Common Market referendum and EEC membership referendum was in 1975 , to gauge support for the country's continued membership of the European Communities (EC) 

    Yes - 17,378,581 Votes (67.23%) - No - 8,470,073 Votes (32.77%)

    So that time (1975) the people voted to stay in then in 2016 another lot of people voted out. I could argue the first lot were manipulated and deceived by fear mongering (the disaster that would occur if the UK left), but that would be unfair.

    Unfortunately this is democracy, other systems have been tried with not really any better results.

    This is NOT democracy. This is subversion of democracy in favor of extremism, nationalism and racism. And it's the the next stop on the road to authoritarianism. Which is the next stop on the road to tyranny. Which is the final stop before the end of the road: tyranny.
    I see now you are absolutely right, I thank you for your carful thought out insight.
  • Microsoft's $68.7 billion Activision buy has been killed by UK regulators

    I don't think the UK can kill this deal. It's just an opinion (I mean one countries opinion). Since so many other territories have already said it's OK. Not sure what happens next but the EU has not weighed in yet and in the U.S. it's not clear it will be pushed against. 
    As Activision is a listed UK Company so this deal can be blocked by the UK alone.
  • Take-Two Interactive announces $12.7B deal to acquire Zynga

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    I really don’t understand this, especially when Bethesda was $7.5B. 

    Just going to leave this here: https://medium.com/halting-problem/zyngas-offices-now-worth-more-than-zynga-the-company-47a704d48249

    Because everyone has a phone. There isn’t one person out there who doesn’t have at least 1 game on their phone, be it if they play it or not. Mobile gaming is a huge deal, more so than any other platform. 

    I had to look on my phone to confirm but - yes I am that one person - but to be fair, I have never played any sort of game on any sort of device - ever. Just not a fun kind of guy.
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  • Alexa tells 10-year-old girl to touch live electrical socket with penny

    It is physically impossible to insert a plug in a socket and touch the life metal parts, not even with a penny. Plug and socket are constructed that way.  Both have to follow strict standards. If both are constructed as imposed by those standards, nothing could happen to the girl. 
    That’s not to say Alexa should have such a challenge.  That’s not acceptable behaviour for a smart speaker. But the little girl was never in danger. Not even when she had done what Alex instructed her to do. 
    With modern plugs your probably right, but I just looked in my drawer and found an old plug (probably more than 10 years old but still in good nick) that could be shorted with a penny (need to be an old penny) new pennies are too small but a 10 pence piece would work . This is from a UK perspective - I don't know about other countries.
  • Apple details headphone jack improvements on new MacBook Pro

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    Apple says this supports up to 96kHz, and means users "can enjoy high-fidelity, full-resolution audio."

    —except ’s own Hi-Res Lossless in 192 kHz 👀🤭
    Soooo???? You're saying they therefore shouldn't have improved it all then?

    Probably that you can't call something 'full resolution' if you yourself deliver a much higher resolution. 
    The average human can detect sound in the 20Hz to 20 kHZ.  96kHz is way outside the range of human hearing.
    96kHz is not upper frequency response - it is the encoding bite rate - higher = better resolution but 192kHz is more than necessary to do the job but that's audiophiles for you