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  • Apple cites bevy of scared users to back up its case against the EU DMA

    I fail to see why this is an issue for some. If you’re concerned about other AppStores and side loading apps, then the simple solution is to carry on doing what you’re doing with your phone and don’t download from anywhere else expect the  AppStore. It’s really simple. If someone else’s security or device gets compromised then that’s their problem and not yours. Nothing for you to be concerned about. And just to confirm, I’m not in favour of alt app stores or sideloading either. 
  • Apple suffers fourth consecutive quarter of declining sales, beat Wall Street anyway

    Maybe people are getting pissed off with your prices eh? Your actions on the market then drive up the prices of other smartphone manufacturers cos then they get greedy too. I remember buying my first iPhone 3GS for £299 or £349 back in 2009 or so. Now the same equivalent for me in a Pro Max model is circa £1400. That’s greed too, not inflation. 

    Now you’ve also increased your  One subscription prices globally. Third time in 2-3 years too if you’re outside of the US.  TV is useless, you’ve to pay for most of the non  stuff.  Fitness+ bugs the life out of me cos they’re all on Prozac or something with those fake smiles. iCloud is rubbish compared to Googles offering but I need it. Not much use for Arcade either. 

    Start listening to what your audience wants and will endure instead of telling them what they want or you’ll end up like Nokia. 
  • Everything new in the iOS 16.4 beta

    insync88 said:
    Here’s two capabilities I’d like to see Apple incorporate into iOS.

    1. A Siri shortcut to turn off FaceID.  People could use this if pulled over by police or in other situations where they want to better ensure security of their phone and data. 

    2. The AppleTV controller app you can access via Control Panel should have a volume control.  The reason it doesn’t is that your iPhone doesn’t have an IR emitter.  However, your physical Apple TV controller does have such an emitter.  So why can’t my iPhone communicate to my Apple TV controller to tell it to adjust the volume?   

    If your using HomePods as default sound you can use iPhones physical volume buttons to control the sound in the Apple TV remote app.

    You can disable Face ID ever quicker than using a shortcut by pressing the power key on the iPhone 5 times really quickly. This will disable Face ID and you’ll need to use passcode to access device. 
  • Lufthansa AirTags ban based on incredibly bad regulation interpretation

    My thoughts exactly. They’re loosing people’s luggage so they ban them lol. 
    Nothing to do with interfering with the avionics. 
    What an absolute stupid decision to make. Laughable. 
  • Tony Fadell wants to see iPhone move to USB-C

     as usual are just being completely greedy. This has ZERO to do with innovation. How the F is grasping onto USB2 speeds for over 10 years innovation? This is greed pure and simple because they’re making so much money and royalties from the MFI program. Nothing else!!!!! As much as I like their products they make me sick sometimes.