If I'm not. mistaking, you can stream Pandora on Apple audio devices, but not Spotify. This is as it should be for all the b*tching Spotify does in public. Also, It'd be just-desert if Epic was never again allowed on the App Store for all of their public grandstanding and muck-raking! Apple's public persona, however, tells me that if any of these sad-ass companies conformed to Apple's standards, they let them back in a heartbeat. 


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  • Jony Ive is no longer consulting for Apple

    darkvader said:

    His early stuff wasn't awful.  Everything he's touched for the last 15+ years has been.
    EXACTLY, however, I was never thrilled with his designs from the start. His belief that function follows form is entirely antithetical to good design and human engineering. I was delighted when Ives left and was a bit concerned that there was still a connection between Love From (what a god-awful name unless you're a greeting card company or a florist) and Apple. I believe that since Job's death, Ives has been content to receive a paycheck despite doing next to nothing for Apple. Jonny, don't let the door……………………!
  • After Jony Ive's departure, Apple's design philosophy is slowly changing

    I, for one, was relieved when Ive left Apple. His long-held philosophy of putting form over function was crippling the effectiveness of Apple's products. During his cheap-looking color-drenched plastics phase, he produced some of the ugliest products in Apple's history. As an art major in college, I was taught by a few of my professors that being able to verbally justify your work was more important than the work itself. I think Ive used that erroneous logic to sell his designs to Jobs, and because of their tight relationship, Jobs was the only one who needed to be sold. 
  • Elon Musk says Apple's 30% commission rate is 'definitely not ok'

    But Musk charging $10,000 for a non-functioning FSD (Full Self Driving) mode that he's been promising for over 5 years saying repeatedly it's coming "soon" being a complete scam is OK. Besides being a petulant child who takes swipes at anyone who is a threat to him, he is a mendacious danger.
  • Apple TV+ 'The Morning Show' renewed for a third season

    If you like non-stop, way over the top, over-acted anger, with dialogue consisting of every sentence containing F•••, F•••, F•••, you'll love The Morning Show. I hope the new showrunner can get a handle on these drama kings and queens (actors, writers, directors, and producers), then this could actually turn out to be an award-winning show. And yes, I've watched every episode, more to laugh at it than admire it, but I can see redemption if others feel the same. Who am I kidding, America loves this crap!
  • Employee COVID outbreak forces Apple to close Texas store

    Texas……where a virus has reproductive rights but a woman doesn't!
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