If I'm not. mistaking, you can stream Pandora on Apple audio devices, but not Spotify. This is as it should be for all the b*tching Spotify does in public. Also, It'd be just-desert if Epic was never again allowed on the App Store for all of their public grandstanding and muck-raking! Apple's public persona, however, tells me that if any of these sad-ass companies conformed to Apple's standards, they let them back in a heartbeat. 


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  • Amazon buying iRobot in a $1.7 billion all-cash deal

    Maybe Amazon can whip what I consider to be one of the worst companies with the most unrelible products and a tech support department that hasn't the slightest clue as to how to deal with Roomba or M6 Mop issues! I just purchased an Ecovacs Deebot M1 and I'm astounded by the amount of dirt it's mopped up over the last 3 weeks that iRobot's M6 mop didn't get. I'd seriosly like to see iRobot go out of business for all of their deceptive practices, but my hope for anyone who would deem to purchase one of their products might just get the support by Amazon standards rather than iRobot's.

    P.S., My Ecovacs is one of the best products I've purchased in a very long time!
  • Jony Ive is no longer consulting for Apple

    darkvader said:

    His early stuff wasn't awful.  Everything he's touched for the last 15+ years has been.
    EXACTLY, however, I was never thrilled with his designs from the start. His belief that function follows form is entirely antithetical to good design and human engineering. I was delighted when Ives left and was a bit concerned that there was still a connection between Love From (what a god-awful name unless you're a greeting card company or a florist) and Apple. I believe that since Job's death, Ives has been content to receive a paycheck despite doing next to nothing for Apple. Jonny, don't let the door……………………!
  • Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, lose million music subscribers in UK

    And those subscribers aren’t coming back either - they are finished… I wish Apple would just give me back iTunes the way it was… People are getting sick of the subscription based services. They want to have ownership of the products they buy… if they don’t upgrade, then they don’t have the latest feature, but at least they still have what they have paid for to date… I avoid subscription based services and products and will even settle for a inferior product if that product is a one time cost pricing model. Look at how that greed has killed Adobe… people can’t get away from those products fast enough now… and they are. But thats what Wall Street influenced companies do and have happen to them… deservingly so.  
    I wanted iTunes back too until I spent enough time with Apple Music to know that iTunes is still in there. I'm getting tired of subscriptions too, but in a few instances, like Adobe Photoshop which is regularly being upgraded with new features, often significant, without having to wait for a full product update. More are not as attractive because of their unjustifiable terms - having too little utility for the cost. This is subjective, of course. 

    I don't agree that those who've left streaming subscriptions during this economic downturn won't come back when economies improve. Only time will tell.
  • Apple could face $900 million 'Batterygate' suit in UK

    Another day, another lawsuit against Apple. As usual, the motive seems more to be a cash grab than anything truly justifiable. 
  • After Jony Ive's departure, Apple's design philosophy is slowly changing

    I, for one, was relieved when Ive left Apple. His long-held philosophy of putting form over function was crippling the effectiveness of Apple's products. During his cheap-looking color-drenched plastics phase, he produced some of the ugliest products in Apple's history. As an art major in college, I was taught by a few of my professors that being able to verbally justify your work was more important than the work itself. I think Ive used that erroneous logic to sell his designs to Jobs, and because of their tight relationship, Jobs was the only one who needed to be sold.