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  • EU lawmakers agree to new antitrust & competition laws focused on big tech

    Apple should just make an EU model of iPhone that comes with the absolute bare minimum. No NFC or Secure Element — so, no Face/Touch ID, no Apple Pay etc. Zero apps pre installed except Settings and App Store (after all, preinstalling apps is “anti competitive”). Want to make calls? Text? Take photos? Browse the web? You now have total freedom — go download all the apps you want, on your own. Got a problem? Talk to the third party developer.
  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    rcomeau said:
    It's a hilarious lawsuit because it attempts to frame apple patching exploits (each one with a public CVE) as a direct attack on Cydia. Why? Because Cydia relies on jail breaking and those exploits are usually required for the jailbreaks to occur.

    Needless to say it's without merit to characterise bug squashing as anti-competitive, but this is currently the era of the great Apple pile-on. Everyone wants a cut of what Apple have built, even if it means destroying it in the process.
    I think you are missing the point here. If Apple opened up the ecosystem to legitimate third party stores, Cydia would not have to resort to jailbreaking. I am not advocating that and the examples given so far are pretty weak arguments, it is a legitimate argument. I do miss having shell on my phone, but I admit that was very narrow application.
    But even if Apple did allow side loading or alternate App Stores, those apps would still have the same restrictions as those in the official App Store. i.e., they would be sandboxed and wouldn't be able to modify the system or other apps. That would still require jailbreaking.

    Some people will be very disappointed if and when official side loading happens. They think it would basically mean "official jailbreaking" with all the hacks and tweaks...when really, it would mostly be the same kinds of apps just with a different distribution channel so companies can pocket more of the money.
  • Elon Musk says Apple's 30% commission rate is 'definitely not ok'

    “Not ok” based on, what, exactly? Why is 3% any less arbitrary than 30%? I bet people think Tesla products are overpriced.

    This guy has plenty of money. Maybe he should build an entire hardware-software ecosystem from the ground up, and continuously maintain snd improve it at no cost to end users. Then he can charge developers whatever he wants and we’ll see who wins out.
  • Right to Repair advocates aren't sold on Apple's Self Service Repair program

    slurpy said:
    It's hilarious that anyone believed for a second that "right to repair" extremists would be satisfied or happy about anything. It's all a farce. These people are by nature anti-Apple trolls to begin with, so they'd never give Apple a shred of credit no matter how far Apple goes. 
    It'll be the same story if Apple ever allows side loading on iOS.
  • EU antitrust bill could force Apple to make sweeping changes to Siri, App Store & More

    Since the EU seems to know so much about how to make the best phones, OSes, apps, services., maybe they should just make an euPhone that runs euOS. Offer euCloud and maybe EU Music and EU TV. I’m sure it’ll all work great.