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  • Apple loses lead Apple Silicon designer Jeff Wilcox to Intel

    Intel must have slipped him a secret off-shore account for him to come back with all those trade secrets. 
  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    sdw2001 said:
    After reading The Verge's article, I went from being annoyed to infuriated.  

    The article is hit piece.  It takes 16 employees and paints them as representative of thousands.  Then it has stuff like this:  

    Part of the issue is pay. Apple’s retail employees make on average between $19 and $25 an hour in the United States, according to Glassdoor. That’s good for the retail industry, but can be grating for employees who want to build a career at the tech giant. Some say that after staying at the company for six years, they’re making less than $21 an hour. 

    Go back...wait.   It's good for retail. Just stop there.  $21 an hour is 40 grand a year.  You don't like it? Pick another field. There are 10 million job openings in the U.S. and only 7m looking for work.  It shouldn't be hard.  You can't live on 40k a year? Great, that's just for a 40 hour week.  Maybe work overtime or...gasp....get a second job.  

    Here's another quote that is representative of the entitlement of many young workers today:  

    "I think it feels more like they don't want to get sued for not offering hazard pay after making some of us work in public in the last year," one source told The Verge.

    JFC.  First, no one "made" you "work in public."  You chose to keep working, just like cops, firefighters, nurses, doctors and grocery store employees.  Apple didn't owe you any "hazard pay," but they gave it to you anyway.  

    Want to bring out issues with bad management? That's fine.  Retail is notorious for having that.  But this attitude of being some kind of indentured servant class is wearing thin.  

  • Lawsuit targets Apple's iOS App Store 'monopoly'

    Another wrong headed anti-monopoly lawsuit. That 30% developer fee is not the main problem. It is actually quite reasonable especially now it is only 15% for small developers (which is the vast majority of us). The real issue is the lack of choice you as consumers have in iOS and the fact that you don't even know what you are missing since the majority of new app ideas are killed in the cradle because "Apple would never approve that." The problem has become so bad that it is actually wrecking the software development industry. The worst example is the Apple Watch which has such a limited, highly restrictive SDK that developers are limited to a very small number of use cases as dreamed up by Apple. What was the last game you played on your Apple watch? Why is that?
    Ouch! So we've fallin so low that now we're at the "when was the last time you played a game on the Apple Watch?" LOL 

    Here's a hint, don't develop for the Apple Watch. Simple. Apple is not forcing you or anyone else to waste a minute on the watch. BTW, the Apple Watch is doing just fine without games and fart apps. 

    "The problem has become so bad that it is actually wrecking the software development industry" aka hyperbole 

  • Jony Ive confirms LoveFrom works for Apple

    saarek said:
    I wonder if LoveFrom had a hand in the clusterfuck that was is the AirPods Max case……
    grow up. 
  • On its second anniversary, Apple TV+ is in a good place

    Apple TV+ is seriously top notch. If The Morning Show was on Netflix the hype would've have been off the charts; what a great drama series with top actors and performances. Same for For All Mankind.

    Ted Lazzo
    Defending Jacob
    Mythic Quest
    The Velvet Undergound

    etc. etc.

    $4.99 is an easy in (if you're purchase doesn't include a free preview)