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  • Hands on with new AirPods features in iOS 16, including Personalized Spatial Audio

    I wish that Apple would spend some time to add features for Spatial Audio for home audio. Even connecting it to home audio is still a mystery as nobody can confirm if AirPlay 2 supports SA. I mean there’s a whole world with folks who have 5.1 or even 7.1 home cinema systems who would all benefit greatly if they could hook up their iPhone/iPad/Mac to enjoy SA at home. 
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    EU should go to what?

    What happened to respectfully disagree? Calling names and swearing doesn’t get us anywhere. I’m Dutch live overseas and love the US. And Apple. And Five Guys and and…

    Apple and a bunch of other big techs are the victim of their own success. Yes, I’m old school and remember the days where Steve was shouting from the barricades about Microsoft’s dominance. Today it’s the other way around and there’s nobody able to protect us. It’s either Apple or Google for our OS. If these two would have been ethical they would have opened up and prevent this situation but shareholders were not going to appreciate that so they went there own ways. On top of that in the US and to a lesser extent the EU, there’s lobbyists who basically pay and get what they want on behalf of their clients. Roosevelt warned the US but nobody listened. After Pegasus we should have learned that IOS isn’t safe so the reasoning that Apple can’t open up the Apple store are nonsense. I’m sure there are various Pegasus versions out there collecting everything we don’t want them to collect. 

    Do we and especially the non technical folks out there, need protection from these two behemoths? We sure do and to be honest, it’s their own fault. 

  • Apple facing new $5.5 billion App Store antitrust lawsuit in the Netherlands

    I’m old school Apple and I’m Dutch. I remember Steve being pissed at Microsoft (re it’s market dominance) and we were able to download software from wherever we wanted. There were risks but so is driving a bicycle. I believe that customers should be free to choose from wherever you they want to to buy (paid or free). Apple changed their business model (or adjusted it as it saw fit) and me as a consumer had to adjust with. I sincerely hope Apple will be forced to open up and allow companies to offer downloads for free or paid (outside of the App Store directly onto your phone) and or allow companies to sell directly their software outside of the App Store. 
  • Lobbying group backed by Apple and Google rails against Open App Markets Act

    Apple (and Google) are way too strong for anyone’s liking, incl the App Store. I remember the old days where Steve was on every platform to complain about, mostly, Microsoft. These days it’s Tim’s shop that stops every competition and we the consumers are paying for it (sometimes with our lives). Of course there need to more places to get Apps, or like in the old days, download directly from a website. The argument that Apple keeps us safe is since two weeks out of the window anyway because Journo’s and political activists were killed because Apple was sleeping at the wheel.