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  • iOS 17 is probably hitting your battery hard today -- but that's expected

    It seems odd that updating the Spotlight index database is not reserved for times when the battery is being charged.
    It's probably because a lot of stuff can stop working without the spotlight index. It will make some features look broken. 

    My battery was way down today, 39% around noon - normally I have 35% or so left in the evening when going to bed. iPhone 11 Pro. I will keep it plugged in now so it should get done with everything. 

    Didn't watch space usage - I have plenty to go of my 512GB... never worry about it. You only start worrying about storage when it's running out...
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max lands with 5x optical zoom, faster USB-C

    Yup getting it - I wish it had a titanium back - all that focus on the design is a bit wasted because you're not going to balance your $1500 camera, wallet, dating device all-in-one naked... only the brave. So it's going to be in a case. Maybe they got brushed cases?

    15 Pro colors look great - the 'regular' iPhone 15 colors on the other hand - OMG my eyes, I hope they look better in person, but that is the worst lineup in history. 

    But the 15PM is fine looking and I also really like an apparently huge jump in battery. 

    Fixed focal length is also good, I don't like moving parts on a phone - they break. 

    Upgrading from 11 Pro this should be good. 
  • Strong iPhone 15 sales could see Apple overtake Samsung

    Educated guess: This has more to do with Samsung weakening than with Apple strengthening. 

    Apple's always had a ridiculous share of mobile profits - 50% - so Apple has no reason to change its strategy. 

    But Samsung is facing stiff competition in the Android market from everywhere, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Redmi, Nothing phone, and so on, so even if Samsung made the best phones it's not going to be able to retain its volume lead. Android competes more with other android devices than it does with iOS. 
  • Apple provides detailed reasoning behind abandoning iPhone CSAM detection

    blastdoor said:
    Maybe UK people will get different coloured iMessages to denote unencrypted? They could be transparent maybe, to illustrate that anyone can see them...
    No, they need to protect their users in other countries — they will need to pull out completely. 

    I’m glad apple is fighting the good fight. I hope they win. But if the EU follows the UK, it could become very hard. And if the US were to fall, that would be the end of it. 

    Bottom line is, apple can’t do this alone. Citizens in democracies need to advocate for their rights. 
    If people don't fight for their rights, they will lose their rights. 

    It's that simple. 

    I like that Apple would pull out - in western countries this can actually work. 
  • Apple provides detailed reasoning behind abandoning iPhone CSAM detection

    Apple did the right thing - you can't be privacy orientated and simultaneously scan everyone's pictures. 

    Pretty amazing they listened and turned around.

    I would love to say they did it because it was the right thing to do - but Apple's marketing makes a big deal of privacy and they see it as an important differentiating factor to Google and obviously if they start getting into everyone's stuff they couldn't say that anymore.