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  • Apple is just getting started with it's long-term plan to dominate India's smartphone mark...

    Of all the different strategies Apple has to increase sales and revenue, this is the best. 

    Take a country where Apple is under-represented, and go all in on it. 

    This india push will make Apple king of the world, and once they're done there, they can get into other large markets they're currently not serving well, Brazil and south america (apple products way overpriced), and so on. 

    I love this much more than trying to squeeze existing customers for service revenue ... this is a plain hardware game, where Apple is good, and adds the most value to the world. 

    I have no doubt India will have a higher % of Apple products than China in a few years, and close to the USA - Apple is currently leaving an unbelievable amount of money on the table in India, time to take it.
  • Samsung considering Microsoft's AI-powered Bing as default search engine over Google

    DAalseth said:
    Considering the poor search results full of literally made up data, wrong references, and garbage that these ChatBot search engines have produced, with little sign of any improvement, I don’t understand why everyone is in such a rush to implement them. 
    I don't think you've ever used ChatGPT

    Ask it any question it provides you a nice answer. 

    It can even write an entire JavaScript backend on command. 

    It's not intelligent, it has no real intelligence, but it's a bit like a super search engine on top of the entire internet, so instead of searching a bunch of websites until you find what you're looking for you can just let the AI do that and come back with a beautifully worded response, with references and so on.

    It's the end of Google. I don't think google can handle this. It makes google irrelevant. I'd say time to short GOOG is now.

    I know Google is working on it, but they will run into the same issues all incumbents run into they'd have to take a huge risk, kill the goose laying the golden eggs, and bet everything on a brand new untested technology that's chat based. 

    Guess what they'll never do that.

    If you make 10Bn/quarter or whatever it is with a product, it's impossible to replace that product. 

    So startups will come and do it, since they have nothing to lose, and google will be replaced over the next few years. You're welcome. 
  • Apple expected to lay iOS 17 sideloading groundwork at WWDC 2023

    jimh2 said:
    @thrang Excellent points about the rest of us being compromised by the schmuck who lets a side loaded App run sweep up their contacts. I can hardly wait for the unsolicited texts, emails and maybe even snail mail. Nothing like being collateral damage to something you had nothing to do with. For the naysayers think about Tik Tok releasing their app to side load where they can do anything they see fit. If there are complaints about privacy now wait until the side loads start.
    You're using MacOS what's the difference?

    You have friends with Android phones, yes? Do they constantly send you emails? Lol. Give up on your addiction to worry, your life will be better. 

    Normal people will continue using the Apple App store and never even know about this. 

    In fact when Apple loses its monopoly on the app store, they can then make the store rules as restrictive as they want, without running into issues with regulators. Epic doesn't wanna pay? OFF they go! And so on. 

    I've argued for years that Apple's total control - or control freakery if you want to call it that - over the app store is actually to their detriment. 

    Having total control means Apple has to follow the orders of every government anywhere - whatever they want to ban, for whatever reason, Apple has to comply. 

    When they give up control of app stores, censorship will get a lot harder, but for Apple, it's only positive because they're not the ones who have to deal with it anymore. If Apple had no kill switch, governments can't ask it to ban apps. If they have a kill switch, governments will ask Apple to ban apps, and Apple must comply or else lose markets. Apple can't afford to piss off the Chinese government. Or the Indian government. Or the US ... or russia... or any country of any size. 
  • Apple expected to lay iOS 17 sideloading groundwork at WWDC 2023

    Maybe Apple should create a separate sandbox on iOS for all sideloaded apps with default no access to any services. Create a separate ecosystem that can’t screw up everything else. Also would Apple be forced to provide all the programming libraries snd support to sideloaded apps? I would give them zero support and no access to the latest iOS programming libraries. 
    That's what they do anyway - all apps live in sandboxes. Each app has their own file system and can't access the rest of the file system, and so on. 

    The problem is that iOS has many APIs that are buggy and allow hackers to get around that sandbox. 

    So sure they could build another sandbox around the sandbox, but why would that be safer? They need to fix the existing sandbox, which is supposed to do exactly what you said, but for all apps. 

    Thanks to the App store Apple was able to prevent many hacky apps from being deployed, since they check the code, and if the code uses unauthorized APIs, it is rejected. Some still got through. But most got caught. Without this check - we will see how leaky that sandbox really is. 

    I think it will need a lot of work, feeling wise. The attack surface in code is huge. If I were them I'd have a 100 people strong security fix team on standby. They have enough money, they should spend it on that. 
  • Apple expected to lay iOS 17 sideloading groundwork at WWDC 2023

    If Apple is smart they'll stop the whining and hand-wringing and go all in on it. 

    There is literally a huge amount of apps that are waiting to be deployed on iOS but can't be deployed because of the little Apple prison which decided you can't watch p0rn or buy a crypto coin for your own protection. 

    Now I don't watch p0rn because I think it's actually detrimental to health, it's a dark force. 

    But I am in crypto and you have no idea how many people I meet who don't make apps, cripple their apps, or make lame PWAs just because of app store rules. 

    I can guarantee you the first 3rd party app store focused on crypto apps will make a killing. I would do it if I wasn't so busy with my actual work...

    From a security perspective and as an app developer myself, with several published apps in the app store, I can say that Apple's iOS security is not strong enough to handle this right now. So from a tech perspective, they need to seriously fortify iOS. 

    Apps live in little boxes and their interactions with the system at large are limited to certain things - but because this was only developed over time, and isn't really well thought out or implemented, there are endless loopholes and hacks to get around it. So fixing this is the biggest engineering challenge. 

    But the opportunity this presents is massive and if Apple plays it right they will increase sales of their hardware, simply because more and more interesting software is now available.