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  • Apple had a M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for M2 Extreme

    Can’t be any happier about my M1 Mac Mini 16 GB 1 TB storage online BTO purchase, only days after the announcement. Kind of early on, rumors of a redesign popped up and people held off buying. But … it’s now > 18 months later and still it’s the most recent Mac Mini model on the market. I rushed my order because I was worried that amazing reviews of the M1 SoC would boost sales to the moon. 

    It kind of did, and thus a combo of short supply, factory lockdowns and high demand for M1 products made it tedious to order M1 Macs. And yes, it’s a great machine. Running it without issues so far on Ventura public beta 2. It only had major issues in Big Sur with Bluetooth.
  • Trademark for 'realityOS' points to VR, AR at WWDC

    Reading other articles on the topic of this headset, it seems like the first hardware launch is going to be quickly obsoleted by a much better second or third generation. I get a feeling this device release timeline will be very similar to the Apple Watch: it’s going to look kind of good when they reach their 4th iteration, and by the time we see number 6, it easily wipes out the competitors.
  • Apple testing App Store feature that automatically opts users in to price hikes

    This just sounds like a way for Apple to make more money while increasing uncertainty for their customers. I don’t want to nag about this, but I cannot find anything positive about it.
  • Death knell sounds for iPhone 6 as Twitter app drops support

    ronmac said:
    I have an old iPhone 6 as a back up & it won’t go past iOS 12.5.5. How’d it get up to 13.6? 
    It can’t. This news is about Twitter changing something server-side, making tweets not load for the old iOS 12-compatible app version of Twitter. Twitter warned about the obsoletion a long time ago. This is just them implementing what they alerted users of a long time in advance.
  • Apple hardware subscription could shift focus away from iPhone shipments

    I’m not going to rent an iPhone myself, but I do imagine there will be a subset of users out there who could imagine paying 5 USD/month for a rented iPhone 14 Pro. Knowing Apple, it would cost $10/month or more, minimum ($120/year, and >= $240 on a 24 month lease contract). However, it would be less than their current iPhone Upgrade Program.

    EDIT: being a leased device, they could probably offer refurbished rental, too, making two different customers pay for the same device, 2 years lease + 2 years lease. It would be marketed as ”the first closed-loop iPhone ever” (environmentally friendly business model, except … Apple’s real motivation is to make extra amounts of profits and just resell, resell, resell …)