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  • Apple releases iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, watchOS 8.6, tvOS 15.5 with bug fixes

    Safari is significantly more responsive in iPadOS 15.5 (6th gen, 2018). I’ve had quite bad performance on Javascript-heavy news sites with autoplay videos, lately, and this update is a step in the right direction.
  • Apple officially sells out of iPod touch in its US online store

    I wonder if this means this old A10 Fusion processor from 2016 (and the A10X variant) are not going to be produced anymore? If true, it would mean Apple TV HD will encounter the same fate pretty soon, or is this exclusively about the iPod Touch getting discontinued as a marketed product, iPod brand, etc?

    (I bought my first and only, iPod Touch 2nd gen, roughly spring 2009).
  • Death knell sounds for iPhone 6 as Twitter app drops support

    ronmac said:
    I have an old iPhone 6 as a back up & it won’t go past iOS 12.5.5. How’d it get up to 13.6? 
    It can’t. This news is about Twitter changing something server-side, making tweets not load for the old iOS 12-compatible app version of Twitter. Twitter warned about the obsoletion a long time ago. This is just them implementing what they alerted users of a long time in advance.
  • Apple paying out up to $200K in stock bonuses to select engineers

    Apple: ”Hmm, we got all these billions. Not sure what to do with this … we just bought a ton of startups earlier today. What now?”
    Employees: ”How about showing us some appreciation for once?”
    Apple: ”Well … a few select, extremely vital people can get a little bit of our money, to make sure we don’t encounter an engineering resource crisis”.

    Employees: ”Really? That’s your move? *Leaves for Twitter, Microsoft and startups*”
  • Knitters support Epic in knotty legal fight with Apple's App Store

    When I see these screenshots of the knitting app, I envision a web app, which you put on your iPhone homescreen. In iOS 15.4, Apple is seemingly adding push notification support to mobile Safari, bringing it up to par with the push notifications already in place on Safari for MacOS. It would be a perfect homescreen app, with zero app approval, and 100 % profit to the knitting app creators (minus fees for credit card processing and loads and loads of ads and other marketing promotions via Google AdSense and social media.)