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  • iPhone 15 Pro Max may get the world's thinnest screen bezels

    I'm so over accidentally launching apps, or inputting random info because my fingers barely touched the screen edge on my 12 mini.
    I moved two of the home screen apps off the bottom row because my little finger would constantly activate whatever was in the lower right corner.
    Thinner bezels!  Progress?
    Are you The Incredible Hulk? Even Shaq can use a smartphone. Are you saying your fingers are bigger than his???
  • iPhone vs Android: Two different photography and machine learning approaches

    I took an image of a 🍐& 🍉 and got these ߍamp;amp; ߌᠡ.

    Who ASCII'ed you anyway?
    avon b7roundaboutnowradarthekatwatto_cobra
  • Flexispot Sit2Go chair review: A must-have for the office

    When I saw the headline, "Flexispot Sit2Go chair review" I thought it was an ad for an office chair that doubled as a commode.
    Oh, well, another dream deferred…drying up like a turd in the sun.
    — Apology to the late Lorraine Hansberry
  • iPhone vs Android: Two different photography and machine learning approaches

    I don't care if Samsung installs a Hasselblad DSLR with 100 Gigapixels and a 600mm zoom in their phones. I want iOS more than I want studio or professional photos on a phone. I have a DSLR camera if that's what I want.
  • Tragedy plus time equals a BlackBerry comedy

    Illus1ve said:
    grayskyz said:
    I love Palm CEO's take:  

    “We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” Colligan said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.”

    From Day 1 Apple has been trying to make the best phone possible, Not a "decent" phone and there's where all the windows/palm/nokia/blackberries went to die. 

    ...but led the social-emoji-insta-glossy-hugescreen-selfie-normie-app-y unification madness post-Steve. Wish the iPhone had remained the widescreen iPod and the Internet communicator it originally was and not turned into a huge sterile brick with an equally sterile UI trying to please just about everybody.
    Have you noticed that you're in a statistically insignificant minority? 40 percent of smartphone users have iPhones. No one else is close. Apple sells about 90 million of them a month during the early phase of new models. We buy them, and pay more, because they're better than any other phones. If you don't want an iPhone, and wish for an iPod Touch, I have two you can buy real cheap. Mint condition, one of them 256GB, the other 128GB. Earbuds included (I'll sanitize them).