Why is it that Apple Insider is not allowing forum commentary on the most juicy topics it's presenting today? (Cook & Musk bromance, Lindsay Graham on social media)


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  • Apple tells suppliers to plan for shift of manufacturing out of China

    darkvader said:
    JP234 said:
    Sounds like a proactive move to secure supply before China invades Taiwan.
    China will not invade Taiwan.

    China may attempt to invade Taiwan, but that attempt will go far less well than Ruzzia is doing in Ukraine.  China is no less corrupt, and Taiwan has a very competent military and defense assurances from the US.  Any attempted invasion would be very, very stupid on China's part, and the biggest result would be the loss of hundreds of thousands of PLA soldiers.
    That would depend on the method of attack. China can force Taiwan to surrender in the same way America forced the surrender of Japan. And it wouldn't take two. One will do the trick. And the world will issue a strong condemnation and do nothing.
  • Google keeps trying to hammer on Apple for not adopting RCS

    chadbag said:

    Kinda like when Trump suggest injecting bleach into your veins to cure Covid 

    Trump never said this.  He used it as a metaphor for something that could be used to clean out the body of the virus.  

    It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump: misrepresenting what was said does no one any favors.  

    I actually HEARD and SAW him look directly at Doctor Birx and suggest injecting it (he used the word "disinfectant") at the daily COVID briefing. He also suggested that shining an ultraviolet light internally could kill the virus. I also SAW Dr. Birx sitting there, eyes down, holding her lips together, looking like she wanted to drop through the floor. I also SAW the COVID team leader, Mike Pence, looking at Trump the way a cop looks at a doughnut. And DJT never claimed it to be a metaphor (not sure he's capable of metaphor, although he's good a simile). After the entire world saw him for the fool he is, he pretended that he'd meant it as a joke. I can link you, but you don't want that, do you?

    When someone pisses on your leg and tells you it's kool-aid, don't get on your knees and ask for more. Punch him in the face.
  • Coinbase doesn't want to pay Apple for in-app NFT transfers

    What I don't get is why anyone would buy an NFT. Or any cryptocurrency either, for that matter. These are derivatives with no inherent value, produce nothing, and can't be used for anything. They're just a vehicle for the "greater fool theory." You, the fool, overpay for some worthless item, and then starts the desperate search for the "greater fool," who is willing to overpay more than you, to sell it to.

    This is not a strategy for long term wealth building. In the words of the late shadow president, Nancy Reagan, "Just Say No." Then go out and find great companies with a history of growing earnings and increasing dividends. Like Apple or Microsoft or Lockheed Martin.
  • Mixfly ultra-compact Apple Watch charger review: Good enough, and inexpensive

    I suppose if you lost your watch charger puck, $10 is about the cheapest way to get it going again. Note though, that it has so far lasted 8 weeks of use. My past experience as a service writer (I'm uncomfortable with the word genius) for Apple has shown me that virtually all third party knockoffs are not worth your money, and many are a fire hazard. And most of them fail years before the OEM charger that came with your device.

    There are exceptions. Belkin is one and there are others, but you'll pay a premium for that better quality and innovation.
  • HBO Max failing to play content for some Apple TV 4K users

    Never had this problem.