Why is it that Apple Insider is not allowing forum commentary on the most juicy topics it's presenting today? (Cook & Musk bromance, Lindsay Graham on social media)


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  • Apple Watch ECG could be a good early heart attack detection system

    Apple tells you that the Apple Watch ECG cannot detect a heart attack right on the app.

    But AFIB detection is very accurate. My brother got a warning from his watch that he was in AFIB. He went to a cardiologist at the VA hospital in San Antonio, who told him not to worry, if probably wasn't AFIB. After walking his dog the next day, he was panting and his heart was pounding, and the watch was giving him constant alerts. We convinced him to go to a private cardiologist, who put a 12 lead ECG on him and confirmed the diagnosis! He's had 2 ablations, and a cardio-version treatment, and had a Watchman device implanted. He feels better than he has in years.

    So don't ignore it if the watch warns you. Get to the doctor, ASAP!
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  • Simply Mac bankruptcy: Who to call, what happened, and why

    I worked as a service writer and later purchasing manager for an Apple authorized VAR named MacSpecialist for 12 years. It wasn't pandemics or payroll fraud or any internal issues that caused our demise in 2014. It was the relentless pressure on margins by Apple, Inc. As a B-level reseller, we received 7% margin on consumer Macs, 4-6% on iOS devices, and 10% on pro level Macs, which started out as Mac Pros and MacBook Pros. Then Apple dropped the margin on the MBP to 7%, and made iMacs powerful enough that the really expensive Mac Pro was almost impossible to sell. Consider that virtually ALL our consumer sales were by credit card, and our processing fee was 3.5%, and you can see that it became impossible to make a profit on hardware. Additionally, any business loans we had charged greater interest than our margins. We held on for a while with our training classes and service department. Then Apple started soldering memory on the logic board, making profitable upgrades impossible, and proprietary SSD storage, thus removing our ability to upgrade hard drives. They charged us the same rate a customer would pay, to send in Macs that were no longer under warranty. You'll notice you don't see that network of small-business Apple sellers anymore, and this is why.

    Of course Simply Mac and almost all VARs went bankrupt. Apple wanted all of us gone, and they had the resources to make it happen. As is their right. That's capitalism, and for every penny I lost in salary, I made back $100 by buying Apple stock every week since the return of Jobs. Was it insider trading? Not exactly, but certainly I was privy to directions Apple was heading before the general public, and believed in that direction.

    All that said, I believe Apple is the greatest company in the world, and being even peripherally involved with the ascendancy was the greatest time of my career.
  • Apple Fellow Phil Schiller quits Twitter

    Maybe the future of social media is one social media engine used exclusively by conservatives, and a different one used exclusively by socialists. Companies with a political agenda will use only one of these two engines, and they won't even advertise on the engine that doesn't suit their own political agenda. Neutral companies may never be allowed to advertise on either platform because they will be banned by each platform if they advertise on the other platform.

    Basically, you have to pick your side before you can interact with anyone on the Internet. Ultimately, socialists will have their own nationwide VPN and conservatives will be forced to have their own too. This will finally bring peace to the Internet. At least nobody will argue about politics anymore because everyone will be on their own political VPN.
    Calling MAGA extremists on Twitter "conservatives," and everyone else "socialists" reveals your MAGA sensibilities. Get over yourself, or get off AI.
  • Jack Dorsey apologizes for Twitter's fast growth, following Musk layoffs

    Twitter: dead company running. Musk used debt financing for most of this purchase. Combined with existing Twitter debt he acquired along with the new debt he incurred, the service (principal and interest payments) on those debts is currently greater than Twitter's total revenues by almost 50%. And we can look to history to ascertain what happens to a corporation that uses layoffs to cut costs due to shrinking revenues. Shrinking your way to prosperity? Ask Sears shareholders what happened to their stock when Eddie Lampert used an acquisition front, "Sears Holdings Corporation ESL Investments," to buy Sears. He immediately began by closing stores. selling the properties and profitable divisions like Craftsman and DieHard, and firing gigantic swaths of employees, in order to "return Sears to profitability." What he was really doing was buying those properties for pennies on the dollar for his hedge fund, Transform Holdco LLC. Now Sears is bankrupt, dead and gone as a retailer. Founded in Chicago, the last Chicago store closed in 2018. The last one in Illinois closed in 2021. Meanwhile, Eddie Lampert is now worth over $2 Billion.

    This is actually a better case than Twitter's future. Sears had physical and trademark properties. Twitter has nothing but a dubious and shrinking intellectual property. Musk knows this, and it's why he tried to back out of his takeover, which I'm guessing started as just a trolling prank by him. When he realized it woud cost him over a billion dollars to exit, he went ahead. But rather than pay off the loans he incurred, using his Tesla stock holdings as collateral, I'd guess he's just going to close it down and declare bankruptcy. A chapter 11 reorganization would seem to be out of the question, unless he's as good as the master at convincing banks that they'd be better off carrying him than foreclosing on him.
  • Twitter Blue is dead, 'official' checkmarks resurrected

    "Twitter Blue is dead…"

    Remove the word, "Blue," from the headline and you've got Twitter's future.
  • Twitter lays off staff including whole ethics team, temporarily closes offices

    So the chief Twat has laid off half the Twits? Without regard for the WARN law requiring 60 days notice? Twitter is a dead company running. It's already a hollow shell, and with the entire ethics division laid off, more and more racist, homophobic, xenophobic, fascist voices are going to already flexing their peabrains. They're even spilling over into this forum. See "Madbum's" comments if you don't believe it. And this forum is supposedly curated. Guess our moderator missed his anti vax disinformation for now. Go back on the remnants of Twitter, ya twit. We don't need you here.
  • macOS had the least malware infections in 2022

    When I was working for an Apple VAR some years ago, we were inundated with customers who had downloaded MacKeeper. While not a virus per se, it is definitely a virus vector, and these unfortunate dupes were experiencing malfunctions caused by the lousy code in MacKeeper, with malware attacks from hackers piggybacking on that bad code. As an Apple authorized service provider, we charged them $29 to remove all traces that MK hides away in the OS. Just deleting it won't do a thing. If you don't get it all, it just regenerates itself.

    Lesson: never download anything you don't need, no matter how much the vendor tells you that you need it.
  • Shareholders challenging Apple on unions & alleged slave labor

    "Apple has told the SEC they aren’t using Uyghur supply chain labor"

    I worked 12 years for Apple, before retiring in 2014. I'm an Apple owner (shareholder). Apple doesn't rely on, or knowingly utilize, slave or child labor. If it is discovered that a vendor is doing so on Apple's behalf, they are replaced. If you're looking for a Fortune 500 company or an S&P 500 company with more responsible corporate governance, please tell me which ones they are. Apple is a benchmark for leadership in environmental, labor (both foreign and domestic) and customer loyalty. And being able to make a crap ton of money while doing so.

    I believed in and invested in Apple long before they employed me, and I still consider Apple Inc. to be the greatest company in the world, and the maker of the world's best consumer and prosumer technologies. They've remained laser- focused on improving their core competencies, and leveraging them for maximum profit. Are they perfect? Hardly, but no one else is either. Other companies in the top 500 make their money producing products that destroy our environment (big oil), kill and poison their customers (big agriculture, alcohol and tobacco), kill people in foreign lands (defense/aerospace) and prey on vulnerable Americans (big pharma and healthcare). Save your outrage for them, then get off your couch and do something about it, rather than ranting on a keyboard!
  • Coinbase doesn't want to pay Apple for in-app NFT transfers

    What I don't get is why anyone would buy an NFT. Or any cryptocurrency either, for that matter. These are derivatives with no inherent value, produce nothing, and can't be used for anything. They're just a vehicle for the "greater fool theory." You, the fool, overpay for some worthless item, and then starts the desperate search for the "greater fool," who is willing to overpay more than you, to sell it to.

    This is not a strategy for long term wealth building. In the words of the late shadow president, Nancy Reagan, "Just Say No." Then go out and find great companies with a history of growing earnings and increasing dividends. Like Apple or Microsoft or Lockheed Martin.
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand