Maybe stop giving Kanye West such an enormous media platform to document his mental illness? And I don't mean banning him from Apple Music. I mean just stop writing, blogging and talking about him all the time. Since he started these rants, his online presence has increased by a quantum level. So everyone, stop, just stop. Let him be Kanye, let his fans support him, and the rest of us can forget him.


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  • Hands on with all the best Apple accessories at CES 2023

    Seriously, you're going to lead with "Hands on with all the best Apple accessories at CES 2023" and showcase a toilet puck?

    You really want to go "hands on" with something I peed on?
  • Apple considering 2025 debut of touchscreen MacBook Pro

    I don't know why a laptop with a full sized keyboard and a touch sensitive trackpad would benefit from a touchscreen. The screens on my iPhone, iPad and car all get gross after one day of use. The MacBook Air stays clean, and only needs dusting every week or two.
  • Inside Apple's Singapore Marina Bay Sands retail store

    aijws said:
    Boomer appears be my age and I too delivered the Chicago Papers (in Michigan) when I was young. 

    Stocks go Up and Down. That’s where you make your money. If you really wanted to make money off Apple, you should have (maybe you did) bought Apple when it was at $10 a Share. 

    I had a Chance, but decided not to (and you can all thank me) as I bought Commodore, which made the Amiga. As you may know, Commodore was scammed by the higher-ups and went Bankrupt.

    The reason I didn't buy Apple is, I didn’t want to Jinx and Bankrupt my only other alternative to Windows.  And, at the time, Apple was teetering on the Brink too!  So, your Welcome!  I sacrificed Millions so you all could have an Insanely Great Computer and other Products. No Dividend needed. The only reason for Stock in the First Place, in Silicon Valley, is to entice Workers (Engineers and Managers) to Join the Company. 

    As far as the Sphere goes, it doesn’t look like a True Sphere to me. It has several Latitudes of Flat Curved Panels. The Ground Floor seems to imitate Apple Park with its Curved Glass and Sun Shades, but the Upper Panels look like they cheapened-out.  There was a chance to do some really Innovative Vertically and Horizontally Compound Curved Panels for a Seamless (from a Distance) True Sphere that would have been on Par in Design and Construction with the Space Ship in Cupertino!    
    Well congrats for living so long. I bought Apple Shares when Jobs was rehired as "temporary" CEO. I bought Microsoft even earlier, when I saw a Windows 3 demonstration at the local Elek-Tek store, and thought "this is the future!" Still own both, and with splits, growth and reinvested dividends, I've become more affluent in my declining years than I could have dreamed when I was delivering the papers 7 days a week on my bike (in Chicago in January!). I don't use Windows, but I sure know plenty of people who do!
  • Apple's muted 2023 hardware launches to include Mac Pro with fixed memory

    Heck with the Mac Pro. I want Apple to announce an M2 Mac Mini, so I can get an M1 cheap when they clearance them. My mini is a 2011, and I'd like to have the current OS on all our Macs.
  • Inside Apple's Singapore Marina Bay Sands retail store

    Xed said:
    JP234 said:
    Xed said:
    JP234 said:
    JP234 said:
    Insanely great. But what did this cost me, as an Apple shareholder? Betting my dividends would be higher if Apple spent a teeeeeny bit less on these eclectic and expensive stores that are popping up. Apple customers don't need a "floating dome" to shop for Apple goods and services. A mall store is just fine for me.
    And those brand names stores, including Apple, on Fifth Ave in New York City don't make any profits at all due to extremely high rent. 
    That Apple store in New York city probably makes more money per square foot than any retail store in all of human history. And you said it makes no profit.
    Well if they pay more rent, property tax and insurance than anywhere else in human history, it's possible. Revenue is not profit.
    OK, boomer. And you think the solution is to go with the failed Dell kiosk in malls and failed Gateway stores in cheap strip malls? How did that work out for them?

    As a shareholder, you could've had that concern when Apple first started building stores in premium locations, but now that it's been over 20 years with Apple both building an anchor store that helps bring in foot traffic to a location that then drives up the desire for other stores to be placed next to an Apple Store (which means they can get much better deals from the leaser) and has the highest revenue per square feet (even beating out Tiffany's soon after launching) you have no ground to stand on and complain about the fucking share pice.

    How about Apple stops doing dividends since that affects the share price, too?
    I love the dividends. We don't buy ANY stocks that don't pay them. At this point, our pensions & SoSec pay all our living expenses, and the dividends in our IRA's are reinvested in more shares. Our non-retirement dividends pay for our new cars, dining, entertainment and Apple toys. Apple is hoarding way too much of my cash ($50 Billion as of 2022), and I'd like some of that back if they're not going to invest it in something other than floating domes.

    Being a Boomer isn't all bad. Zero debt, plenty of free time with no need to work, still in good health with all our teeth, brand new Volvos every 5 years or so. How you doing, Xer?
    So you're fine with stealing from the stock value for your dividends that in no way increases the share price, but you're not fine with using Apple's branding to create more revenue and profit from having physical anchor stores in high traffic areas that have added to the share price and is probably the biggest contributor to switchers to the Apple brand for more than 2 decades? Well that makes perfect sense. /s

    PS: Your cash? Wow! How much of an entitled prick do you have to be to claim that Apple's success in business is hoarding your cash? If you don't like Apple's business model then sell your stock and invest elsewhere.
    Let me just inform you who owns Apple Corp.: Me. As an owner, yes I am entitled to ask Apple to return my share of that cash to me, if they're just hoarding it, not using it for R&D, expansion or dividends. I can ask for anything I want. If you're a shareholder, so can you. Agreed?