Maybe stop giving Kanye West such an enormous media platform to document his mental illness? And I don't mean banning him from Apple Music. I mean just stop writing, blogging and talking about him all the time. Since he started these rants, his online presence has increased by a quantum level. So everyone, stop, just stop. Let him be Kanye, let his fans support him, and the rest of us can forget him.


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  • Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air: Rumors, and what we know

    Isn't the point of having a MacBook Air for it to be light and easily portable? Isn't that what "Air" implies?
    If you want a 15" laptop, why not just get a MacBook Pro?
  • Tesla beat Apple to an AirPower-like multi-device charger

    Xed said:
    JP234 said:
    JP234 said:
    Yet another expensive piece of junk from Tesla, guaranteed to stop working, if you can get it to work at all.
    Wait. Are you implying that Tesla vehicles are junk? That doesn’t jibe with all the comments I see from Tesla owners that say it is the best car they have ever owned. 

    Also, don’t look behind that curtain. 

    The article says the mat will charge at up to 15W but also says it is specifically for Qi devices. I thought max charging for Qi was 7.5W. Is that incorrect?
    Yes I was implying Tesla vehicles are junk. But let me clarify in explicit terms: Tesla vehicles are junk. Ask anyone who owns one!
    While I will never buy as Tesla (or product backed by their grifting CEO—whom Edward Norton clearly channels in Glass Onion on Netflix) your comment doesn’t lend authenticity.

    While I know of many issues with Tesla and EVs, to simply say they’re “junk” does nothing to paint Tesla in a poor light but a lot to paint your communication as such. 

    Additionally, nearly all Tesla owners that I know love their Tesla. While that is anecdotal and a very small subset of Tesla owners it does contradict your absolute statement that all Tesla owner will tell you their car is junk.

    Finally, I can find issues with any vehicle… and I do mean any in this sense. For example, a Bugatti Veyron is effectively “junk” if you need something off road, but it doesn’t mean it’s junk in other contexts. From what I’ve read, Tesla has a long tradition of great vehicle safety reports and I know that is something many buyers look at over the quality of upholstery or color options, which Tesla does lack considerably to more established automakers.
    I'm really glad that a responsible and logical writer (that's you, BTW) claims he will never buy a Tesla. They're not just junk, they're lethal junk. Here's the latest two from November (NTSB is investigating 18 Tesla autopilot-related traffic deaths from the last 2 years). Where there's smoke…
  • Tesla beat Apple to an AirPower-like multi-device charger

    Yet another expensive piece of junk from Tesla, guaranteed to stop working, if you can get it to work at all.
  • Apple halts update to HomeKit's new Home architecture

    I just bought a HomePod Mini to use as a Homekit hub. Hasn't arrived yet, but I guess I just dodged a bullet from what I'm hearing!
  • Netflix to end password sharing in early 2023

    What do you call someone who wants to use your Netflix account on your dime?

    What do you call someone who lets someone use his Netflix account for free?