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  • Folding iPhone could automatically protect itself from drops

    I don’t know who are these people who want a foldable iPhone. I don’t like the idea of a foldable iPhone. No one that I know really wants a foldable iPhone except for Android people. I’m not sure. I don’t think I could stand having a crease down the middle of a screen. I don’t think I could stand having a screen that flexes and warps the image every time I press down on it. 

    I think Apple is doing this so when someone comes up with a phone like this (that closes as it falls) they can claim that it was their idea and perhaps get licensing for it.

    My iPhone 14 Pro has fallen from my jacket pocket many times with the thinnest of cases and no damage, so far.
  • Samsung mocks Apple with new 'On the Fence' ad

    Really, I don’t get what’s so special about a phone with a crease running down the middle of the screen. A thick phone that you have to unfold, putting wear on the screen and the ribbon cable (yeah, there’s one inside), and for what? So you can have something that will mysteriously break and have to replace in a few years?

    I hope Apple never makes a foldable, because it will just be a Samsung manufactured screen. Foldable screens for smartphones just seem so gimmicky. For me to change my mind on this, the foldable must be presented as a solution to a problem. Right now, it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. 
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  • Apple TV drops 'Up Next' in new design rolling out to users

    Right after an update, my Up Next disappeared. I waited a little while, I think I unloaded the app and then reloaded it, and the Up Next came back. I don’t know if maybe this was a glitch, or maybe I had a slow Internet at the time, but the feature came back. I hope they keep it. I like the Up Next. I wish Netflix was part of it.