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  • Apple Watch bands harbor dangerous bacteria -- because no one cleans them

    I’d like to state here and now that the statement in this article’s eye catching announcement that “no one cleans them” when it comes to Apple Watch straps & bands most certainly DOES NOT apply to me and my friends! We change to a freshly sanitised band or strap when we put our Apple Watches back on after a night recharging. On a hot & sticky day I can use 3 different bands that have all been sanitised since they last worn. Our favorite product for sanitising our Apple Watch bands & straps is a fluid usually used to sterilise babies bottles - we rinse them under a hard flowing hot tap and then shake off excess water and place them in the sanitising fluid overnight (we DON’T rinse them before hanging them up somewhere to dry naturally). In this country the brand of sanitising fluid we prefer is “Milton”, something just as good may be available in your locale.
  • UK will send an emergency alert to every iPhone in the country on Sunday

    And guess what… Like so many things planned by the U.K. government that involve technology - it turned into a no show for the alert on many folks phones! One network in particular was badly affected by the failure of the alerts to materialise, the 3 network, maybe next time the U.K. government should let a country that can make successful use of technology without wasting millions of taxpayers £££ handle it - Iceland or Norway to give two examples…
  • Apple will make big interface changes in watchOS 10

    2.1 inches? I’m already using my Ultra for scuba diving and I’d say its current screen size is just about adequate when used as a Dive Computer. But the current screen size also means I can wear my Ultra as my everyday Apple Watch without feeling it probably looks a wee bit freaky on my slim wrist… But I’m already thinking that if the Ultra screen size is increased to 2.1 inches I’ll probably need another smaller screen Apple Watch for everyday use. This will also mean that if I did upgrade to a 2.1 inch Ultra it’d probably only be worn as a Dive Computer thus relegating it to being kept at home in a drawer when I’m not diving - having two Apple Watches would definitely need some thinking about for sure. I’m curious to see what a 2.1 inch screen size Ultra would eventually look like though.
  • iOS 17 may be much more than a maintenance update

    iOS 16.4 has brought some really neat improvements even though I agree with some folks who say it was really only tinkering around the edges and didn’t add any new wow features. But since iOS 14 started being rolled out some new & very useful features have been added - I can’t really think of any iOS changes that I personally wish Apple hadn’t released since iOS 14… I’m really keen to see what starts to be added/changed when iOS 17 starts to see the light of day.