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  • Apple could raise iPhone 15 Pro storage to 2TB

    I hope if that does happen the starting storage of the 15 Pro Max (or whatever Apple decides to call it…) will begin at 256 GB, that would definitely take some of the sting out of the forecast price rises! I’m perfectly happy with my current 14 Pro Max’s 128 GB - I’ll be sticking with the lowest storage 15 Pro Max again but any increase in that model’s base storage will definitely be very welcome.
  • Apple is considering making the iPhone 15 Pro more expensive


    As keen as I am to always have the latest all-singing & dancing iPhone held in my hot little hands, even for me Apple is rapidly approaching the point price wise when I’ll have to decide to stick with the iteration of iPhone that I currently have until Apple stops “supporting” it. A great amount of the use I put my i14 Pro Max to is using its fantastic camera capabilities. If the much repeated and talked about “telescopic lens” does finally put in an appearance with the next generation of Pro Max then I’ll probably suck up the pain of paying even more than I did for my 14 Pro Max (a slightly tweaked appearance and possibly a titanium frame) would just sweeten the deal - but if it looks like the 15 Pro Max is just same old-same old then I’ll definitely be looking at replacing my Series 7 Apple Watch with the rumored new version of Apple Watch Ultra (I’ve held back from buying the current Ultra because even though the current version would definitely suit my lifestyle more than the Series 7 (I’m a scuba diver…) something told me to hang fire and wait to see what improvements come with the 2nd gen Ultra! So hurry up and arrive September so all the speculation can end and reality takes over.
  • Apple will make big interface changes in watchOS 10

    2.1 inches? I’m already using my Ultra for scuba diving and I’d say its current screen size is just about adequate when used as a Dive Computer. But the current screen size also means I can wear my Ultra as my everyday Apple Watch without feeling it probably looks a wee bit freaky on my slim wrist… But I’m already thinking that if the Ultra screen size is increased to 2.1 inches I’ll probably need another smaller screen Apple Watch for everyday use. This will also mean that if I did upgrade to a 2.1 inch Ultra it’d probably only be worn as a Dive Computer thus relegating it to being kept at home in a drawer when I’m not diving - having two Apple Watches would definitely need some thinking about for sure. I’m curious to see what a 2.1 inch screen size Ultra would eventually look like though.