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  • A MacBook Pro design refresh is probably years away

    I would like to see the Dynamic Island on the MacBook.  Either that or just eliminate the camera altogether.  I don’t use it for anything — and if needed, I will just use my iPhone.  Waste of screen real estate.
  • Apple may be already lining up suppliers for a second Apple Vision headset

    Pema said:
    Apple needs to come up with a better strategy to sell a $7000 AUD accessory. We are not talking about a couple of hundred dollars. No wonder sales are sluggish. I would say sales are dying in the US so now Apple has moved to sell it worldwide. 
    I don’t believe sales are “sluggish” — Apple clearly stated that they would start in the US and roll out to other markets later in the year.  Well, it is later in the year and they are rolling out in additional markets — this was their plan, not a reaction to sales.  You sound like you’re more upset that the device costs what it does and that it doesn’t have a longer return policy.  It doesn’t sound like it is the device for you — that is fine, as it is not meant for everyone.
  • Apple Intelligence & iPhone mirroring aren't coming to EU because of the DMA

    netrox said:
    chasm said: 

    The EU has the right to create regulations as they see fit. Apple has the right to not include some features that would be compromised by EU mandates in the EU.

    This is not a problem. One or more market and/or political forces will act to resolve this conflict, though that may take some time.
    I understand that but it won't end well. I am fed up with EU mandating that we see "cookie warning" every damn i visit a website and it's entirely the fault of EU's lack of understanding on cookies. 

    Absolutely — me too!  I was in Greece recently, and the cookie pages that came up were incredibly annoying and some were so complex that it was comical.  Why on earth do EU citizens put up with this insanity?  It felt like I was transported back to the 90s.
  • Tim Cook may have met with Trump during WWDC to discuss second term priorities

    I don’t know how accurate this assessment is.  First off, Sorkin is no fan of Trump.  And what was the political affiliation of the CEOs that supposedly were “less predisposed” (whatever that means) after the meeting?
  • Microsoft's Copilot PC and the M3 Mac killer myth

    Seems to be the wrong focus for Microsoft — why not put r&d into chips that power your data centers?  Unless they believe the work will be done more on device and less in the cloud in the future?

    Something I noticed — at the OpenAI event earlier this month, the presenters were using iPhones and MacBooks — no PCs.  Seems odd given MS being a large investor into OpenAI.