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  • Hands on with Apple Vision Pro ZEISS optical inserts

    Appleish said:
    If Apple had given these details about the prescription requirements in advance, then mine would have not arrived four days after my AVP. 

    Between this and the highly inaccurate light seal measuring process, (I Still don't have my correct seal) this has been a bad launch for Apple.
    Stop crying like a whiny pathetic self-entitled perfectionist.  The light seals are fine, but they don’t come in 2000 different sizes so you’re gonna have to settle with one size and be satisfied with it.

    Have this image of you at an Apple Store saying “nope not this one let’s try another… nope not this one let’s try another…. nope not this one let’s try another…” as the Apple employees sit there rolling their eyes.  

    After preordering, I had to wait four days to get an official copy of my current prescription from my optometrist.  Even so, my Zeiss lenses still arrived at the same time, packed in the same box, and fit perfectly, as did most others.

    People like you crack me up. Because you had flaws, you assume everyone had problems too. 
  • A movie piracy app snuck onto the App Store in 2023 and Apple only just killed it

    Doubly so when Apple is arguing that this process -- and all the fees that come along with it -- make it more secure than third-party stores.

    People make mistakes.  They are only human.  Can you suggest an alternative that would’ve prevented these apps from showing up?  I bet not.  You’re just blowing smoke.
  • The Apple Vision Pro has already been hacked

    kmarei said:
    Just imagine
    a jailbroken vision pro with a pornhub app :)

    Wouldn’t do much good.  Stripchat VR doesn’t even recognize AVP as VR capable in their VR rooms.  

  • Apple Vision Pro is surprisingly durable in first YouTube drop test

    sirdir said:
    And every Apple news site quotes him and people event comment..

    It’s just like quoting Trump. Everyone knows they are quoting a stupid ignorant idiot, but it’s fun to watch a train wreck in progress.  
  • Apple Vision Pro is surprisingly durable in first YouTube drop test

    Another clueless a-hole dork eagerly tries to appear edgy by busting an extremely Apple expensive device through completely unrealistic and scientific testing, but is shocked and awed to discover glass actually has a breaking point.  Absolutely meaningless results.  

    Next time let’s drop him from from those heights and see how long it takes his thick skull to break…
    Because there is no difference between an inanimate object and a living creature.

    NOPE.  Not THIS particular one.