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  • Apple TV+ workplace thriller 'Severance' returns to production

    The television industry still hasn’t grasped the amazing concept that if you wait too long between seasons, you will lose a significant portion of viewership that will never be regained.  

    On top of that, a complex series like Severance isn’t something you can easily jump into by watching season two.

    This happens time and time again on television when there are multiple years between seasons and yet the industry still seems shocked by the viewer loss.  When they finally return, they end up having like six episodes which can be binged in one sitting, and that’s it for another 2-3 years.  And then before you know it, the series is canceled due to low ratings.

    Although I truly enjoyed Severance, these kind of continued delays ultimately bring about a swift cancellation and I suspect it will be gone by the end of season two or season three.

    it’s almost as if independent studios cannot discipline themselves to the extent that network television shows are able to do so.  They crank out over 20 episodes a year and return in the fall to do it all again next year!  Independent studios are lucky if they crank out 6 to 10 episodes and then disappear for two to three years.   W T F.

    And don’t even get me started how Latin American television shows are disciplined enough to produce 65 to 85 episodes per season… which ends up being more episodes than most complete tv series from independent US studios.  

  • Original iPhone SE & second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro now vintage

    And yet no equivalent iPad Pro exists with a 12.9 inch liquid XDR retina glass screen… pretty dumb move on Apple’s part.  
  • Bots buying iPhone 15 Pro Max are making it harder for regular people

    NOPE…. It worked for scalpers and scammers, not the legitimate buying consumer.

    Much of the PS5/XSX scarcity was artificial because scalpers and scammers kept buying everything that would be released by every store within seconds.   

    When it literally takes consumers years to buy something they should be able to buy right off the shelf, that’s a clue there’s a deep problem in the system.   
  • Bots buying iPhone 15 Pro Max are making it harder for regular people

    Welcome to 2015, AppleInsider. Is it going to take regulation from Congress to fix the problem or is everybody just going to keep burying their heads in the sand because in the end, to a company, a sale is still a sale, whether it’s for a scalper or a regular consumer?

    Perhaps we need tougher government industry consumer protection which stipulates when a product is being purchased online, if it is in YOUR shopping cart, it is YOURS and cannot be yanked away, UNLESS the sale is canceled or completed by the CONSUMER. 
  • Google is being sued after bad map directions led a man to his death

    dewme said:
    Re: “… announced the lawsuit to members of the press at the site, where the bridge has now been barricaded off.”

    Folks, we found the Google employee.