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  • Bending Spoons lays off entire team behind Filmic Pro

    If you’re developing an app — run the numbers and determine up front what it will take for you to stay in business.  If that means a sub model, then tell me now before I invest in your app.
    All they need to do is something that's basically impossible and then you'll be happy.  Got it.
  • A bride-to-be discovers a reality-bending mistake in Apple's computational photography

    My point is that this woman didn’t innocently snap a photo and end up with this. It was either done on purpose or is faked. 
    This woman obviously didn't innocently snap a photo because it's not a selfie.  Someone else took it.
  • A bride-to-be discovers a reality-bending mistake in Apple's computational photography

    Lol, some saying this can happen by accident even with film photos, others saying it must be computational photography, others saying that's impossible and must be faked using photoshop.  And everyone so insistent that their conclusion must be the correct one.  I'm sure you're all experts in possession of all the facts.
  • Altman beats OpenAI board and returns as CEO after stormy exit

    danvm said:
    danvm said:
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    palomine said:
    What is Apple doing with AI these days?
    Not wasting money on a empty Buzzword.
    Is impressive to see the things MS and Google are doing with such an empty buzzword,

    Microsoft 365 Copilot - YouTube

    I don’t find these impressive.  Neat, but how is this different from doing a simple web search (in the case of Google examples)?  And for MS, will users actually pay $30 per month for this?
    CoPilot is more than just a web search.  A web search cannot analyze a spreadsheet, neither can summarize a Teams meeting or create a PowerPoint presentation from your Word and Excel files. Check the link I posted before with a long list of things CoPilot do and how it integrates with MS Office.  I personally find CoPilot to be very impresive and useful.

    At the moment, CoPllot is for large business and enterprises, and they won't have issues to pay for it if it's worth it.  And from what I have seen, there is a group of users that can take advantage of it.  
    I clearly stated that I was referring to Google in terms of the web search comment.  And the MS examples aren’t impressive to me — the Excel functions might be useful to some, but the big question is whether or not a user will have confidence in the results to present them at a meeting.  And if they already have a formula built into the file that does what they’re describing, why would they need co-pilot?
    Copilot can also build databases and applications for MS Power Platform based off simple spreadsheet inputs, or Figma designs.  It can create code from normal language prompts.

    It'll be a massive time saver for rapid release development.
  • How Apple is already using machine learning and AI in iOS

    If Siri is learning she’s a damn slow learner.