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  • Disney+ reports 103M subscribers in Q1 2021 as growth slows

    guiguihip said:
    rezwits said:
    What's funny to me is it's the ole "growth is slowing."  That's the nut job commentary crap.

    I mean look 100 million is equal to appr. 300 million people, 1 subscription is a Family of 5/4 or 2 or 1.

    So, that's like saying subscriptions are at 4 billion and slowing!  I know it's not 4 billion but an audience/subscription base that is the population of the DAMN UNITED STATES!!  Gees wtf!

    The fact of the matter remains: growth has slowed down. Sure they have huge subscriber numbers, but the growth they've seen in 2020 won't sustain. Which, in my opinion, is fine. But as an investor, you want growth.
    It's a problem for most businesses, growth for the sake of it just to please investors, often leads to a reduction in quality.  
  • New study finds that Night Shift does not improve sleep quality or quantity

    After a lot of years experimenting with blue light and red light... the answer is Scotch. 
  • Gaze detection could prevent others from snooping your iPad screen

    mknelson said:
    That seems over-complicated.

    Lenovo has a licensed software on Windows available for monitors and other devices with webcams that blurs the entire screen when you look away or if somebody comes up behind you.
    So can you, the owner, still read as with the Apple solution or is it blurred to you too?
  • Australian retailer pulls AirTag over battery safety concerns

    Not invented here mate!  The French will probably follow suit. Mon Dieu, La Pomme fait de l'argent encore une fois!
    Hopefully, it is nothing of the sort and just procedural red tape.
  • Epic CEO Tim Sweeney grilled on platform agreements, V-Bucks

    kkqd1337 said:
    It should be illegal to have in app currency that disguises the real monetary value of the [email protected] you are ‘buying’.

    Every in app purchase price should be shown in local currency so it is clear how much you are spending

    I personally think that games with in app purchases should be heavily regulated in the same way gambling is. It’s very toxic and exploits children. 
    Totally agree and it's almost worse than gambling as that has age restrictions.  As you say, games with in app purchases like this are dealing with young kids and immature adolescents with little concept of con going on, yes it's fake money, but costs your parents' real money.

    I hope this moron's plan backfires on him big time.