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  • 'Don't Mess with Mother' behind-the-scenes video as dramatic as the release

    Off topic but ...  OMG if only the phone had been held horizontally we would be seeing the images at roughly x4 the size viewed in the standard horizontal viewing mode.
  • Apple payment to Qualcomm estimated at $6 billion, with $9 per iPhone sold in royalties

    So much for this being kept secret eh?  So far both stocks are up so that is a good thing.  I for one am glad cooler heads prevailed. We own both.
  • Editorial: Why is Samsung's Galaxy Fold graded on a curve?

    bulk001 said:
    It is not being graded on a curve. The financial press is highlighting the issue and the stock got slammed. No need to be overly sensitive and paranoid about it. 
    Not only that, every tech site and tech youtuber is reporting on it.  People say DED editorials have a reputation for over the top disproportionate outrage.  After reading this and the last editorial, I'm inclined to agree.  A cursory glance at the internet shows Samsung being handed their ass in a hat.
    Ok so this is really simple so I'll just briefly lay it out. But I clearly wasn't actually saying that nobody was critical of Samsung, in a article where I myself am being critical, and in which I quoted various criticisms. I'm noting that big media sites have not been raising alarm that Samsung's phone units went down twice as fast as Apple, etc. And yet for Apple it is spoken of as being in end times. I can really spend any more time making this simpler. If you can't tell some bloggers (including me) from national media coverage, come on.

    Second, its not just the presence of criticism, but the extent and interpretation of that. Sure, Apple does get/deserve more attention/criticism because it sells the most and rules profits and is out ahead everywhere that commercial matters. However, if thats the case then Verge et all should dial down their constant equation of Apple and Samsung, or Pixel, or whatever Android talking points they have, and give them as some sort of unbiased opinion. A $999 iPhone X is shocking, but a $2000 Fold prototype is really reasonable given the satisfying click.


    Agreed.  Keep up the excellent work.  It's amazing how many Android (and to a lesser extent Samsung) apologists spend so much time on AI either to attack you or to knock anything Apple does.  The fact we have a full time (I suspect paid) Android/Google writer here shows just how much they fear Apple.  I seriously doubt there are full-time Apple backed writers spending weekdays writing on Android sites. 
  • Indian government requests Apple remove TikTok from App Store over child safety fears

    Meanwhile, girls are just so safe in India.  /s

    India is the most dangerous country for women.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 summons help for 80-year-old Munich woman after fall

    DaFoxE1 said:
    The fall alert goes off almost every time I reach down or go to one knee to get something out of a bottom drawer. Although, it's really good to know that the alarm is working.
    Welcome, I see this is your first ever post.  The alert only goes off if you don't tap to say you are ok when the fall detect pops up, so why don't you do that, it trains the watch as to your movements to better detect a real fall.