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  • Australian retailer pulls AirTag over battery safety concerns

    Not invented here mate!  The French will probably follow suit. Mon Dieu, La Pomme fait de l'argent encore une fois!
    Hopefully, it is nothing of the sort and just procedural red tape.
  • Intel Windows not coming to M1 VMware Fusion, ARM Windows licensing unclear

    dysamoria said:
    lkrupp said:
    If you need to run Windows then buy a Windows PC.
    Sounds simple to you, doesn’t it? Thing is, I don’t want to have TWO computers to maintain.

    Unfortunately, gaming on Macs is nowhere near the level of gaming on Windows. It used to be that we could have a Mac for both Mac OS and Windows. That was cool. The setup didn’t need to be 100% equal to a Windows PC in performance, just be comparable.

    Sadly, there hasn’t been a suitable desktop Mac in almost a decade (GPU, heat, etc). Now Apple is moving away from Macs even being able to run intel Windows software at all. Result: own two computers again (consoles can bite my shiny metal ass).

    It would be nice if Apple at least sold a standalone display [for an affordable headless workstation-class desktop], so that when I finally can buy a new gaming PC (GPU shortages & pricing are insane), I don’t ALSO need to have TWO displays on my already-crowded desk. Guess I need to find a usable USB KVM switch, soon. Most affordable KVM switches I’ve seen are trash and the well-built ones are rarely happy to work cross-platform & USB.
    JFYI; booted into Windows 10 Pro using an external, SSD over USBc from an iMac 27" i9 with the Pro Vega 48 and 64 GB RAM gives me nearly the same performance as my PC with an i7 and a GTX 1080 GPU and 32 GB RAM, both running Steam games at 4K on 27" monitors.  I don't use Boot Camp per se but I do add the drivers to my own Windows installations.  'Nearly the same' is totally unscientific comparison I know, but around 30 fps at 4k is OK with me.  But it means I can just take my iMac and a few 1 TB SSDs with me when I drive to our summer home in New England and leave my gaming PC in Florida. I do have an M1 Mac and Windows ARM is running with no problems, it can even run Steam and play GTA V but not great frame rates and only at 1080p so no use for gaming.  Other than games it runs Windows apps very well.
  • Ship blocking Suez Canal will snarl constrained chip, electronics industries

    flydog said:
    MacPro said:
    My suggestion is to use land-based pulleys to rotate the ship around its center both working in unison, not tugs. Rough sketch... Image from the Dail Mail.  I added the green.

    That's like saying all we need to go to Mars is a rocket with enough fuel. 
    What pulleys?  Where will they come from and how will they get there?  What will the be installed on?  How would you power these pulleys? What are the cables going to be attached to?  How big would the cable need to be to pull upwards of 100,000 tons without breaking?  How big a diameter wheel would you need to hold that large a cable?

    Drawing pretty pictures is easy.  Doing it is what counts. 
    Well, let me see.  If a tug can be considered where is the cable issue?  We are not wanting to lift the ship, simply rotate it about its center axis in water. The problem is on a Canal and ships can still get to the area of the blockage so can be used for transport of equipment.  There are many engineering companies in the area since the Red Sea is below the canal. Oh, they are called winches I believe. Deisel usually powers them.

    I hope they can just dig it out and pull it around with the tugs.  I simply offered an alternative and practical IMHO alternative should they not be able to, I don't see the need to be insulting.  It's just physics at the end of the day.  Hey, they could use floats too, they refloated a massive cruise ship a few years back. A few inches is maybe all that's required.  OK, I will shut up.
  • Apple made Photoshop transition to M1 a 'smooth experience,' Adobe says

    sevenfeet said:
    I’m old enough to remember Photoshop 1.0 on the 68000 Macs. Architecture transitions predate PowerPC-Intel.
    Me too, I still have the disk, Photoshop aka MacPaint Pro courtesy of Knoll Bros., lol.  In fact, I have a disk with a beta earlier than 1.0 in my collection.
  • Release of 8K displays held up by ongoing supply chain disruptions

    Why an 8K monitor at all?
    Your eyes can't discern pixels at that resolution... even at 5K you don't see them. (assuming a person's eyes are far enough away that they can see the entire screen.)

    So it's just for bragging rights that you sell/buy an 8k monitor? ... since there's no practical advantage to it.

    What am i missing?

    My Sony full-frame cameras shoot 6K stills, so at the very least a 6K monitor is required for editing the RAW images, 2K headroom is fine with me.