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  • Editorial: Why is Samsung's Galaxy Fold graded on a curve?

    sammy, stop using Journalists as "in market" tester.  They are brain dead to start with (peel off the plastic like they dig out storyline).  spend some money to hire few teenages as beta tester instead.  they will perform highly accelerated test and found all the faults prior to your in market test start and most  likely give you a no-sugar coated response (like a piece of ....).  Surely the user deserve a good tester if they paid 2K.   Fold screen or rolled up screen do have place in product, just a bit odd to use on hand (holding a book open and writing on it even on the edge is always a bit hard for me).  
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    One common practice is as follows.

    iPhones are purchased using stolen credit cards.  These phones  now need to be laundered.

    The phone is opened up and air is injected into the battery between the black covering and the battery internals, giving it the appearance of an expanded battery.

    It is then taken into an Apple store.  Phones with expanded batteries are not opened by techs for safety reasons, so the phone is replaced and the customer now has a fully working phone with a clean serial number.

    The damaged phones have always been purchased in a different country, so the SN is not on any local police database.  The person bringing the phone in is always Chinese.
    Are you sure? inject air into battery (not N2?) will cause Li ion battery to explode.  not just swelling... interesting Apple couldnot track SN - defeated whole purpose of SN.  Apple phone is sealed, it is easy to put some indicator that seal was broken (like the moisture indicator - expose to water and turn red... could be as easy as back door pop up - discounnect antenna of wifi or NFC will send a signal to network as warning for example - or even just store in memory that can be retrived via NFC...  sure apple genius can think about something to provent such event before it got out of the hands - like near 1 million we are talking about here... something fishy here... can't wait for the whole story come out). 
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    look like both school they (the 2 students) attend didn't teach Law and Ethics course (engineering dept compulsory for most of the schools in this neck of the woods). 
  • Samsung rumored offering foldable display samples to Apple for future iPhones

    foldable phone remind me the old day IBM punch card double the size in order to increase input (dated myself).  Sir Ive, please get something better if ever foldable were used.  Current format of sammy phone look like a book - but book you need hold by 2 hands, without input (how painful to holding it and writing on it)... foldable book like phone, unless is feather light, it odd try to interface it unless you put it down flat on surface (bend your head down to have stiff neck in the process).  Besides the reliability issue back in my mind.  I'll wait to see the field feedback.... but I don't see a similar handset come from Ive pocket ;-).  I need Ive pull out something like IBM mainframe magnetic tape input instead of double sized punch card.  IMHO.  (Tim promise mind blowing stuff, may be someone can pick pocket of Sir Jony Ive?)
  • Apple's shareholders skirmish over ideological differences

    relax, people, super majority of share holder were too smart to vote "for" such proposal.  I was always want to attend shareholder meeting one of those future days.  If too many of ideological proposals pop up at the meeting with someone holding 70ish shares, i might as well stay home.  just wish those chaps don't zap energy away from Apple exes.  That will be a tragety - everybody only has 24 hr a day.  life is short.   I personally believe some chaps just want attention to their "group" - used share holder meeting as free ads.  I could be wrong ;-).