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  • Everything new in iOS 12.2 beta 2: Animoji, icons, lockscreen tweaks

    And in the same vein, it would be wonderful if when there are several networks in a building that have previously been used by that iPhone, the phone would default to the one with the strongest signal. I’m switching to a mesh network in my home all because I can be standing next to one router (Verizon) yet my iPhone or iPad will connect to the barely present network from way upstairs, and vice-versa. I’ve reported this multiple times, but sure, more Animoji...
  • How to replace Apple Mail on the iPhone or iPad, and why you might want to

    Was a devoted user of airmail and spark and ultimately both fell short, miserably, and I’ve been quite happy with Mail. Airmail is buggy and has terrible support and the worst interface I’ve ever seen. Spark is missing some basic features like rules and the ability to turn off threading or sort a thread in descending order and has been saying for two years now that these are under consideration yet never delivers. Yeah, I miss snoozing messages but Mail has never lost an email I was sending or drafting. Not so much with Airmail. And Spark wouldn’t display Exchange invites as invites if the invitation contained attachments, as they often can and do. So I missed meetings as a result. Readdle never fixed that despite many back and forth emails with logs and other details. Spark can’t change fonts or parse some emails properly (Airmail also messes up many received emails with regard to parsing). Plus some email programs just bite the dust suddenly. Remember Newton Mail? Gone. Alto? Gone. Sparrow? Gone. 

    If an email program fails at basic functions, it doesn’t matter if they can snooze or send emails later. I would love to see more innovation from Apple on Mail but it handles Exchange really well (better than Airmail, Canary or Spark) and is reliable. I tried Outlook and had hopes for it but that didn’t work well for me either. YMMV. 
  • Review: Sonicare DiamondClean Smart uses your iPhone and Bluetooth to perfect the electric...

    Truth is, there is no real evidence that anything more than a $50-70 Oral-B or Sonicare basic electric toothbrush is necessary. None of these features in smart toothbrushes amount to better oral health. The only features that are helpful and proven are brushing for two minutes, so the two-minute timers on the basic oral b or Sonicare toothbrushes are all that’s needed and saves folks a lot of money compared with the ones touted here. Yeah BT is often cool and maybe if that motivates someone to brush then great. But no features here are clearly beneficial for most people nor are they cost effective. 
  • Apple says the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard doesn't improve reliability, and that's not great...

    I have a late-2013 MBP and have no plans to upgrade. Whether or not the “new” keyboard has a fix for the issues that have been plaguing the earlier models and they just won’t say for legal issues, the fact remains that one cannot fix the keyboard without a pretty nontrivial process and expense (which will not be borne by Apple after its repair program ends). These MBPs are not cheap, even at the low end, and for that price a consumer should expect reasonable durability. There is dust in my office-it’s unavoidable. Never has caused any issues with my MBP, but again, I’ve had this since 2014 and it’s been rock solid. 
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  • Apple's Siri history was plagued by infighting, mistakes and developer alienation, report ...

    thrang said:
    Truth or click-bait, none of this matters, as the need/desire to speak commands to your electronics is so miniscule compared to the totality of all other methods of inputs and interactions. Saying Amazon is winning is like saying a team than went on a 6 game winning streak in May is destined to win the World Series. It's soooo early in the "season" - and I suspect voice recognition, while increasing in importance over time, will remain niche compared type, touch, and perhaps much more advanced forms of AI interpretation (location, proximity, body, facial, eye analysis, sensors, habit analysis..) Part of the limitation for wider home adoption currently is feedback is very limited (assuming one does not want to keep picking up their iPhone or iPad). But an Apple TV, which can become the visual side of an enriched Siri response, is very intriguing.
    Oh, this does indeed matter. Very much. And to deny it is to have one’s head in the sand and just be a cheerleader for Apple. Sorry but I like to think for myself. I rarely use Siri these days except to set an alarm or reminder. Too many times Siri is either “not available” or gets something totally wrong. I have a contact entry for a sushi restaurant and it’s even in my phone favorites. Yet all Siri does if I ask “Call Vic Sushi” is to pull up a web search that shows the restaurant’s web site. I don’t even bother to use Siri on my MacBook Pro since it seems even less capable than on my iPhone and iPad. At this point it’s a bad joke. I don’t have an Alexa or Google device but I am not hearing anything much that Siri does better and in some cases Siri falls far short. Maybe if Cupertino cared more about user experience than OS updates to add more emoji symbols things might be different. 
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