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  • AAPL hits new closing high of $227.63, capping historic August for the company

    It's nice how Apple has the market cap crown for a short while. By the end of September, Amazon will have stolen the market cap crown (like candy from a baby) and won't ever give it back. There's absolutely nothing Apple can do about it to get it back. Jeff Bezos is hungry while Tim Cook doesn't care one way or another if Apple doesn't have the highest market cap. If Apple had acquired a cloud computing business, they would have had a good chance of battling it out with AWS. Now, Apple has nothing. A tech company without a cloud computing business is like a race car driver without a race car. Wall Street has endless praise for companies with cloud computing businesses that are said to have unlimited growth potential. Apple never pays attention to what Wall Street values the most. Too bad for Apple shareholders. All the Apple bulls who laughed at Amazon not making profit will now have to watch as Amazon leaves Apple in the dust in terms of overall value.
    AMZN just surpassed TSLA to become the most shorted stock.  Those short sellers are not passive about their bets.  You can expect to see lots of FUD propaganda about AMZN on an ongoing basis.  This might put a damper on the price rise of AMZN.
  • Architect of Apple's successful renewable energy program lands at electric motor firm

    gatorguy said:
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    Damn, poor guy worked himself out of a job. Thanks for helping save our planet. 
    Or perhaps he knows a lot about Apple's project Titan.  Could it be he is essentially still working for / with Apple and this new company?
    What would a "Switched Reluctance"replacement for AC induction motors have to do with automotive? That's the business Software Motors is in, nothing at all related to automotive use. 
    Tesla is using a hybrid switched reluctance motor in its Model 3, as contrasted with their induction motors in their Model S and X.
  • Disgruntled HomePod owners say firmware update alters sound quality

    If someone says it's better, someone else says it's worse and a third person says there's no change, doesn't that mean all three cancel out and there's no story?
    I think the story is that if equalization were adjustable, people who don't like the default EQ could modify it to their satisfaction.
  • HomePod doesn't have manual EQ options, will auto-adjust based on analytics says Apple's E...

    This seems to assume that every person's ears have a flat frequency response.  For people who have lost hearing in certain frequency bands, this approach guarantees that the music will sound poorly.  I hope they come out with an app to allow EQ adjustment for people who need or want it.
  • Apple Inc. gears up to distribute $3.1 billion in dividends to shareholders

    quinney said:
    garywade said:
    Feb. 16, not Feb. 6.
    Exactly! Also, it is shareholders of record on the 13th and not the 9th. Not sure where they are getting their information. Here it is from Apple.

    Declared: Jan 31, 2017
    Record: Feb 13, 2017
    Payable: Feb 16, 2017
    Amount: $.57 
    Type: Regular Cash

    If you don't buy AAPL before the 9th, you won't be a shareholder of record by the 13th, because settlement takes three business days.

    They didn't say "buy" as you did. They said "own" by the 9th. I would take own to mean settlement is complete which coincides with you becoming the shareholder of record. I stand by my comment, the correct data you provided about settlement, and the factual data provided from Apple's site. The AI data? Not so much.

    On February 16, Apple will pay shareholders of record a quarterly dividend of $0.57 per share, but investors must own the company's stock before February 9 in order to qualify. Apple will pay out $3.1 billion in dividends on its outstanding shares for the quarter.
    I'm sorry to drag this out further, but I think taking "own" to mean "settled" is incorrect.  For example, for calculating capital gains holding periods and wash sale exclusion periods, a person is deemed to own shares on the transaction date, not the settlement date.  A person certainly can gain or lose money on shares during the settlement period if they close out their position.  It seems like a semantic dissonance to say they didn't "own" anything, yet they made or lost money buying or selling it.  I think AI came the closest they ever have to explaining it correctly.