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  • No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Apple is going to continue removing features from their products in a nihilistic ritual to see how far they can go before people abandon them completely? Because that's what it looks like. But hey, their margin will keep going up, so you know, FTW!
  • Apple HomePod sales 'underwhelming,' AirPods still growing, analyst says

    It's a shame if this is true, because the HomePod does sound amazing

    Sure, but my Yamaha stereo with two nice Mirage speakers sounds better. And that setup cost the same as a Home Pod.

    It's just too expensive. This is an accessory, it can't cost as much as a full-blown iPad. And everyone knows it.

    If you can't do it $199, don't do it. It's not like someone was forcing them to sell one.
  • First look: Apple's bionic iPhone X with Face ID

    To pay, you double tap the side button, similar to Apple Watch.

    This strikes me as a real step backward.

    Right now I keep my phone in my left shirt pocket, facing in, with the button at the top.

    To use APay, I simply reach up with with my right hand and grasp the end, with my thumb on the button. As I place it on the reader, this naturally "flips" the phone face up while also authenticating. It's one single motion.

    This is especially important because I have found most readers have some sort of plastic or rubbery C-shaped "cup" around the number buttons that are below the display area in order stop people from seeing you type in a PIN. These interfere with the placement of the phone, which I normally have to rotate so it's sideways on the reader.

    Now it appears I will have to hold the phone in such a way that I can double click the buttons, and while it can see my face. I'm a bit concerned that this will make it more difficult to use in this case, although only time will tell.
  • Apple's first AI research paper focuses on computer vision

    So this is great and all, but maybe they should get Siri to work? Last night I tried to get it to call the local pizza shop here in Ajax Ontario, outside of Toronto...

    Me: Call pino's pizza
    Siri: do you mean Pinot's Pizza in Hamburg?
    M: Call pino's pizza in ajax
    S: Do you mean (something in toronto)
    M: Call pino's pizza in ajax
    S: I didn't find any matching restaurants.

    Go to google and type in "pinos pizza ajax". Now I'm entirely happy to give Siri the confusion between "pinos" and "pinots". But go to google and type in "pinots pizza ajax".

    Maps often completely ignores your current location when making suggestions. I'm sure you've all seen it suggest a location on the far side of the planet when you make even a trivial spelling mistake. Add to that that minor spelling mistakes are impossible to avoid when using voice, and that Apple's location database is based on Yelp and thus hopelessly limited, and you get the horrible mess that is Siri+Maps.

    So let's see them fix that, then I'll start reading their other papers.