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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses workplace issues, pay equity, more in all-hands meeting

    genovelle said:
    Pay is subjective at best. Gender gaps can exist for a number or reasons that are not discriminatory. Would it be fair to pay one woman with no outside obligations to limit her availability for professional development and who invests more of her time on projects for the company the same as someone who can only do the bare minimum? It even that. 

    That is the beauty of sales positions. They a general performance based pay and you pay your own way. While unfortunately favorites might get perks like being handed manager referrals, You make your own path via your actions. Want more money, do more work. 
    Will you listen to yourself?  If it's a gender gap, it's discriminatory--because of gender.
    No, discrimination is one of dozens of variables that should be analyzed statistically in order to determine the cause of the gap.  Tenure, education, performance are a few ideas to get you started.

    A gender gap does not imply any particular discrimination.  In fact, discrimination may be going either way.  It is possible the gap should be larger.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses workplace issues, pay equity, more in all-hands meeting

    I for one am glad that my pay is based on my contribution to the organization.  It's not based on my race.  To base pay on race alone is abhorrent.
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    I'm amazed that companies do business with China and then can say they are surprised by theft with a straight face.  No, you are incompetent to even sit down with Chinese forces (it is basically all military owned).
  • Apple plasters privacy ad on billboard near Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of CES

    Privacy has finally come into its own as a premium product.  Many products do not interest me.  Privacy does.  Privacy is a value-add that is worth a tremendous amount of money to customers.  Apple will be able to monetize its superior privacy just as Facebook monetizes the opposite.
  • Apple's $62.9 billion stock buyback program called a bad investment in new report

    Without addressing the elementary basic definition of stock buybacks, I will say that it is entirely possible to make hundreds of billions of dollars disappear if you do big stock buybacks at high prices before share prices fall.  For example, GE used to be worth 600 billion dollars, now worth about 70.  So over 500 billion dollars in market cap was lost, or around 90% of value disappeared.  IF they sank $200 billion into stock buybacks during the max share price period, then $180 billion of that money simply disappears.  There are not many ways to make 180 billion in cold hard cash just disappear, but share buybacks at this scale is one of the ways.  

    I don't think AAPL will fall 90%, but any steward of say $200 billion needs to think about that.  They had US dollars and they decided to vastly increase the risk of that asset by investing it in Apple stock at a very high price.