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  • Spotify says Apple a 'monopolist' in escalating war of words

    Spotify makes an interesting argument.  If HBO Now was downloaded from Apple (a fairly small service by Apple), does it mean Apple collects 30% of revenue for the first year and 15% thereafter?  If so, that seems excessive, just for providing a download portal to its users.  Apple could then compete with HBO on a lower cost structure and do its own shows, which apparently it is doing.  Netflix, same?  How about Amazon Prime revenue? 

    There is precedent to suggest that Apple can't simply charge a 30% toll on all the revenue producing activities that happen across iOS.  Apple has some arguments that it created the platform.  The literature on railroad competition provides many examples of monopolistic pricing that had to be made illegal.  Usually the solution is to remove the barrier to entry, or if that is impractical (as building totally duplicate rail lines is somewhat impractical), to allow multiple carriers (= other App Stores) on the platform.

    Spotify may be right that the current status quo on iOS App Store may be illegal.  Just my opinion as a hobbyist on these topics, not a professional.

  • Apple to build $1B campus in Austin, increase employment nationwide

    Let's assume Apple revenue declines 5% per year for the next 10 years.  Now how much employment growth will there be?

    Even expecting the current revenue level 10 years out is a massive task for Apple.  It is far from certain.
  • Apple plasters privacy ad on billboard near Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of CES

    Privacy has finally come into its own as a premium product.  Many products do not interest me.  Privacy does.  Privacy is a value-add that is worth a tremendous amount of money to customers.  Apple will be able to monetize its superior privacy just as Facebook monetizes the opposite.
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    I'm amazed that companies do business with China and then can say they are surprised by theft with a straight face.  No, you are incompetent to even sit down with Chinese forces (it is basically all military owned).
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses workplace issues, pay equity, more in all-hands meeting

    genovelle said:
    Pay is subjective at best. Gender gaps can exist for a number or reasons that are not discriminatory. Would it be fair to pay one woman with no outside obligations to limit her availability for professional development and who invests more of her time on projects for the company the same as someone who can only do the bare minimum? It even that. 

    That is the beauty of sales positions. They a general performance based pay and you pay your own way. While unfortunately favorites might get perks like being handed manager referrals, You make your own path via your actions. Want more money, do more work. 
    Will you listen to yourself?  If it's a gender gap, it's discriminatory--because of gender.
    No, discrimination is one of dozens of variables that should be analyzed statistically in order to determine the cause of the gap.  Tenure, education, performance are a few ideas to get you started.

    A gender gap does not imply any particular discrimination.  In fact, discrimination may be going either way.  It is possible the gap should be larger.
  • New Chinese cybersecurity law will force Apple to keep data on local servers, aid gov't. searches

    They should establish a special Apple China, to keep pace with the country's lower standards and mandatory criminal conduct.  

    They should then make clear to the rest of world that Apple China in no way reflects Apple Inc's values or practices.
  • Apple cuts prices on USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 gear in response to MacBook Pro backlash

    nonsense. apple skates to where the puck is going, and all the other fatasses go to where it was and complain about having to skate at all. 

    i guarantee this new MBP will smoke your old crap in every meaningful performance test any day of the week. your big ass removable batteries, hard drives and ram do me absolutely NO good for completing my work. i max my machines out from Day 1 and start generating value. when they get too slow i replace them. (usually by reselling!). that's it. i've never upgraded a notebook hard drive, that's absurd. if the battery fails i drop it off with service.

    these are tools, not hobby machines for tinkerers. get a raspberry pi for that. 

    I appreciate your conversation.  My style is not your style.  It sounds like my style is far less expensive and more efficient.  I bought my MBP in 2010 for $1100.  Today it has 8GB/1TB, 2.4 ghz core 2 duo.  Still my main Apple machine.  I also have a 16GB iMac from 2009.  Yes, it's not a gamer king rig.  I am also not a Final Cut movie editor.  It's not much, but here is my point for you.  A 2GB RAM / 250GB machine would suck even more.  And with today's Apple, an under-specced brick is what you will soon have., unless you want to get raped by buying a heavily-specced machine from Apple.  I understand they want $3k per computer but for me, that is excessive.  With non replaceable battery no less.  Hahahaha.

    My work machines are extremely unglamorous too, because I use them for work, not to glorify my boyhood.

  • Apple hires former Wall Street Journal editor to help Chinese PR team

    China will become the most important market?  Based what?  China is shrinking for Apple...  
  • Apple cuts prices on USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 gear in response to MacBook Pro backlash

    This whole thing is unbelievably pedantic on Apple's part.  Virtually none of the press release is even true.  "We realize.." No, you don't.

    "legacy connectors" - No, professional, necessary connectors.

    "a transition" - No, Apple, you will make the transition, not others.

    It is astounding that a "computer" cannot interface with USB or with a disc anymore.  I am getting old!  These are not real computers.  They should cost $300 maximum.

    I have superior equipment that is older (much of it Apple).  With things like replaceable hard drives, replaceable batteries and upgradeable RAM.  I am amazed that new equipment you buy today is inferior to what I have.  My MBP has Firewire, several USB ports, optical out (which I use)... etc.  And 1TB storage.  And it was cheap!  Rawr I am old, time for my nap.

  • Intel pushes USB-C as 3.5mm jack replacement, touts better sound, thinness & power management

    Just another example of Apple's dozens of failures on the adapter/connector front.

    Apple has made some advances in connectors.  But typically and I am talking over 35 years, Apple indulges in almost perverse levels of failure with respect to connectors.