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  • iPhone 16 Pro could get 48MP Ultra Wide camera, Wi-FI 7 support

    Lol, only thing the rumor mill can conjure up is a new camera and new wifi standard! These products have just become stale because they are already so good. Heck, even the design language of these phones has become dated and predictable. 
  • Hands on with all the best Apple accessories at CES 2023

    Davebarnes, Samsung has not released pricing yet on the monitor. No need to act like a smug asshole. 
  • Hunter Douglas PowerView shades review: The most luxe experience a HomeKit user could ask ...

    Maestro, if your wife cannot handle once a year battery charging then you sure chose a needy and demanding wife. Next marriage, choose better. 
  • Watch: Why Apple TV 4K can't play 4K YouTube videos

    I’m curious why Apple customers who live in Apples walled garden and protect that garden to the ends of the earth, why they would be upset with Google for protecting their walled garden other than they just want to get their way and that all companies should give in to Apple?. There are three competing ecosystems with Amazon, Apple, and Google, none of them are going to budge to help one another out at any cost. I’m so tired of hearing everyone use iOS and it’s customer base  as a bargaining chip when the android bargaining chip is bigger, they have more customers and they primarily use Google services. I as an Apple customer am personally becoming really tired of this Apple and it’s closed system(look what it has done to Siri!), Apple TV is just another tool to keep using and purchasing apple purchased movies, they could care less if you watch youtube, that’s your concern, not theirs.  I am sure googles going to do just fine with their profits through YouTube if they are not able to be used on Apple TV .
  • Apple unlikely to develop an Echo-like standalone Siri speaker - report

    From AppleZulu:

    On the other hand, if Siri was controlled by an echo-like device, there would be no keypad or fingerprint sensor, because that defeats its purpose. In that case, with such a device sitting at the ready in your den, the response would be to turn off the cameras, disable the alarm, and unlock the back door. How very convenient!

    Folks, this kind of thinking is from people who have chosen to make Apple into a religion! Their thinking is done by other people, and any others beliefs must be wrong or it makes them feel or appear as if they have made a wrong choice in choosing a religion. Never forget, Apple is just a company who is out to make money off all of us, they are not our friend or family! Tim did not send you a birthday card or come to your wedding, he does not  care for you and your endless support of his company. Your one share of Apple stock will not provide you with retirement money unless it was the first issued. And I must point out, I have never owned anything buy Apple laptops and phones, I too was a rabid believer............then I woke up and told myself that I can drive a ford or a chevy, I can drink coke or pepsi or even use an android and the world will be okay!

    AppleZulu..............smarten up and do some research on other company products and you would realize that the fake news that you talk of is coming directly from your own mouth. amazon and the vendors that support echo have put in safeguards for the vary things you worry about. You just can unlock the door, you just can't turn off alarms.......I know because I have echo running my house, controlling the alarm system, controlling the front door lock, controlling the lighting(hue) throughout the house and controlling the HVAC of my house. And it all round fine without the fears that you are trying to spread. What I do no have running my house is Siri, the dead in the water Apple AI that is following in the same vein as many other dying or dead Apple protocols such as airplayLOL. So I ask you, if this is such a fad, why is Google jumping in on it? As for apple, they realize they have nothing to gain here because just like google, they have nothing more to add to the system because they do not have nor ever will have a amazon store connected to their systems. All if apple products that they sell are currently  on apple tv for purchase such as apps, movies, music...............everything else including these items that apple sells are all available on amazon!
    Put down the apple koolaid cup and realize that while apple charges you full price for everything, including usb dongles that everyone else provides on their machines, they are paying virtually no taxes on your money, yet you are busy sucking on momma apples tits as if she loves you and even knows your name!

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