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  • Apple offering CBS, Showtime as a $9.99 Apple TV+ add-on bundle

    BGnATC said:
    Anyone know after signing up for this how CBS & Showtime can be accessed via their respective apps rather than accessing in Apple Channels?
    I haven’t tried with showtime, but you can’t do that with CBS. You’ll watch through the “channel” within the Apple TV app, and honestly CBS’s own app is really glitchy so this is actually an improvement. In fact, it’s actually what sold me on the bundle. 
    Okay, I can’t reply to my own post above, so I’ll use this one, which is in the same arena.

    There was a helpful response on Ars Technica, pointing me to this:


    That page allows you to use your Apple ID to link your tv Channels CBS All Access subscription to a CBS account. Once you’ve done that, you can sign into the CBS app in tvOS using the linked CBS account and you’re good to go for live TV beyond your local CBS station in the CBS app, including the live Champions League matches I mentioned in my post (see above). Works perfectly. In macOS (in Safari), you can also add your TV provider. I’m not sure what functionality that adds, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

    Next up: figuring out how the NBC and NBC Sports apps relate to the Peacock app...
  • How to run Mac OS 8 in an app inside Catalina

    MacPro said:
    docno42 said:
    This is very cool!

    I’ve been itching to dig my old IIfx out (how I lusted after those when they were brand new) - this just may inspire me.  I have an SE/30 I need to fix the analog board on (probably just needs some capacitors) a passel of SEs and my original Plus.  And a brand new 5 pack of PhoneNet adapters - I need to get the gang out for an old fashioned LAN session of Nettek.  I dunno why classic macs have been on my mind of late - was cruising eBay looking for a decent used IIci but there wasn’t much that wasn’t grossly overpriced.    The cost of nostalgia...
    Wow, we have the same old gear lol.  My IIfx died sadly.  It fired up a few years ago for a few minutes then, nothing.  I was very sad.  My also have an SE/30 but the internal HD is dead but it works with floppies and also an external floppy drive.   I do have a working Power Macintosh G3 that runs both MacOS 9 and OS X.  I sit here with a MBP, Mac Pro and a 27" 5K iMac and it seems like yesterday all those old machines were 'the lates and greatest.'  Not to mention I can recall all too clearly my Apple ][e 64, my Lisa and my Apple ///.
    Here’s what you need for the SE/30:

  • Apple not interested in takeover of Arm Holdings, report claims [u]

    civa said:
    svanstrom said:
    civa said:
    Okay, this is gong exactly where I thought it would go. 
    Apple announces they are completely switching architecture. 
    Softbank suddenly decides to sell ARM Holdings. 
    A competitor swoops in to pull the rug out from under Apple
    If only Apple had had your insights into this, instead of them being completely taken by surprise; and now is definitely going bankrupt within 3.2 weeks.

    Or… perhaps… and this is like the most crazy and complex conspiracy theory ever… Apple… and hang on to your hat here… actually knows stuff, and wouldn't completely bet their whole damn business on something like this.
    I'm not saying they will go bankrupt. 
    I am saying they will now have some organization either raising their price for licensing (possibly), or numerous court battles over patents, etc. 
    Then they might be forced to "share" what they spent billions of dollars to develop. 
    You would have to examine the actual licensing agreements that Apple currently has in effect with ARM. You seem to be fearful that they are not well-constructed with regard to their future needs and/or might be vulnerable to legal exploitation. The sarcastic comment you’ve responded to here was trying to point out that Apple’s lawyers would have to be really bad at what they do for them to be exposed in the way you imagine. I don’t think IP licensing works the way you think it works.

    One thing you may be missing is the fact that, despite its name, “Arm Holdings” isn’t just a patent-holder — they actively develop IP. They have a roadmap with advances ahead — to be profitable, they need Apple and everyone else to stay on board. They work closely with their customers and they are privy to industry secrets. That’s why it’s unlikely Apple would be able to buy them outright, or even Nvidia, really.  

    The history of Intel and AMD re: x86 64-bit instruction sets is instructive [!] — Intel went in a different direction, so AMD moved forward and did their own specification “AMD64” ... Apple could, if forced to, choose to break away from the ARM roadmap and pursue its own path. In the end, Intel and AMD came to a sort of cross-licensing agreement. 
  • Apple-Google Exposure Notification system worthless due to privacy policies, health expert...

    longpath said:
    [...] I would vastly prefer an API with privacy protection as a core focus to the Microsoft venture that Connecticut announced they will be using.
    The “ContaCT” system developed by Microsoft for Connecticut has nothing to do with the Apple/Google API and the European apps under discussion here.

    Connecticut’s health department software was out of date and unable to efficiently handle some aspects of the state’s pandemic response. So they hired Microsoft to fix the problems. One aspect of that is ContaCT, which is simply an interface that people who have tested positive can use to provide information for the state’s contact tracers to work with. It doesn’t do any contact tracing itself. It’s basically just a form. 

  • Mass gatherings now banned in Santa Clara, WWDC under threat of cancellation

    Testing in the US is going to climb and confirmed cases will climb along with it. Hospitals here in the NYC area are making decisions along the lines of, “Do we convert whole buildings over, or just parts of them?” The expectation seems to be that hospitalizations will peak in April or May, so June is a bit past that, but obviously nothing will be even remotely back to normal by then.

    In a preemptive response to those who say this is no big deal — the thing is, even if we get lucky and it is seasonal and only 10% of people who actually get it need to be hospitalized, that’s still 10% of a very large number.