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  • M2 Mac mini review roundup: Tiny, but mighty

    Upping the specs to mid level to match how I always buy new Macs, this Mac Mini alone would cost about $2000, and that's without a monitor. As an Apple snob who has not purchased a non-apple screen since my 21 inch Sony CRT for my 840AV back in 1991, I would want to buy an Apple screen. All we have available is a Studio Display starting at $1600.  I would prefer an iMac like my current 27" iMac from 2012, but the only iMacs available today have a screen just a bit too small for my taste. I really wish Apple would just make a new 27 or 30" iMac. It would be half the price of a Mac Mini with Studio Display, and it would sell like mad, just like the old 27" iMacs did when they dominated the graphics world.
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  • Don't expect the 'Apple Car' to have a steering wheel, analyst says

    You guys are all missing the point I think.

    Of course the $50,000 Apple Car won't come with a steering wheel. To use it, you will have to buy the separate Apple Steering Wheel for $27,999. 
    Yes, that is expensive, but wait until you see how the solid aluminum wheel was forged out of a giant disk of solid metal, before the rare white walnut inlays were set in place!
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  • Hands on with Cycle, Apple's new menstrual cycle tracker in iOS 13 [u]

    This is the first Health app that will be truly useful for my wife and two daughters, and I think it will help millions of people. 
  • How to share files using iCloud Drive

    Wow, scrolling through this article sure looks like the old stories of how hard things used to be in Windows, and then at the end the article would state, "On the Mac, simply hit the "Create Link" button, and you are done!"

    Only this is an article about how to share files on Apple's built in iCloud Drive. FAIL.
    I've been waiting patiently for iCloud Drive to catch up to Dropbox. I even canceled my $10/month Dropbox pro account and instead I pay $10 for my iCloud account. (mostly for iCloud Photos). But Apple just leaves iCloud Drive as an unbaked product, year after year. Apple, just buy Dropbox already!!!! With your pocket change. 
  • Apple's shareholders skirmish over ideological differences

    viclauyyc said:
    The shareholders, evangelical Christian maybe, who complain about Apple’s ideology should just sell their apple shares and invest in military industry. Most of these peaceful people just care about god, country and guns.  
    Ridiculous statement. Apple touts inclusion and diversity but I guess just like with Liberals that only applies if those you are including think like Liberals. Dare to think differently (You know like Apple used to) and you get told to go elsewhere by people like you. You can not have it both ways my friend. You are either diverse and include all or you can not call yourself diversified and inclusive.
    I hear this complaint frequently about liberals and now with Apple's old motto, "Think Differently".  When people or companies express the importance of diversity, that does not necessarily mean that they are saying they are open to every single group or idea. For instance, it would be silly to assume "Think Differently" would encompass the ways that serial killers think. On the same line, people who are open to ideas and beliefs outside of their traditional experience are not required to welcome the ideas from those who do not believe in scientific method or the merits of fact-checking. There is a movement in America and elsewhere that is openly against fact-checking and science, at least when that science disagrees with their political views. These people must not be allowed to thrive, as society would eventually collapse under the massive spread of misinformation and anti-intellectualism. 

    On another note, this is a fascinating thread. Like so many others, I was motivated to chime in. So many here claim that Apple needs to stay out of politics yet on the other hand so many are riled up by this thread.
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